The beauty industry has developed massively over the last two decades. Often making the headlines, innovative plastic surgery treatments are those which have most benefited from the improved reputation and growing popularity of the industry.

Farther from the spotlight, a range of less invasive treatments has also thrived and helped many patients around the world improve their looks in a more subtle and lasting manner. Perhaps the most impressive kind of treatment now available is laser, which can be used in many different and equally effective ways.

Just read on to discover three of the most exciting laser treatments now available on the market.

Anti-ageing laser

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A firm celebrity favourite, anti-ageing laser treatments allow you to turn back time without having to go under the knife. Not much more expensive than their surgical counterparts, anti-ageing DIY laser treatments such as Tria can be bought for around $500 and now have less annoying after effects than you would expect. Up until recently, Fraxel was the most popular choice, but the treatment can only be carried out across several sessions with specialists, each as expensive as $1,000.

Now more appealing and affordable, Tria is a non-fractional alternative which is very effective for sun damage and fine lines. Tria makes the skin smoother by helping rebuild collagen beneath the skin and the whole treatment can be completed gradually at your home over the course of two weeks.

Laser tattoo removal

Old and fading tattoos are a haunting presence on your skin, one which you’d risk carrying with you for the rest of your life if it wasn’t for the help of laser treatments. Even more recent tattoos can be annoying if your taste has changed and you can’t stand their sight anymore. With laser tattoo removal, though, the worries are minimal: the operation works by breaking up big ink particles into much smaller ones which can be absorbed by your body without any issue. Discomfort is minimal and the treatment is good for all skin types. The long list of celebs who have chosen to have their tattoos removed includes Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham.

Laser hair removal

An even more common worry for men and women alike is the natural presence of hair on different parts of your body. Shaving is not always the best option as it allows your hair to grow pretty quickly, whereas waxing can often be painful and time-consuming. Laser hair removal targets and breaks the roots of your body hair on a selected area and its effects are most of the time permanent. With a 90% satisfaction rate among patients, this is a very safe treatment and it’s particularly recommended for people with pale skin and darker hair.