Jewellery is one of the best gifts to give people. In fact, most people say that when in doubt about what to give, choose jewellery. Perhaps that’s why the jewellery industry is worth so much – over $18 million in the US alone!

The problem is, choosing the right jewellery can sometimes be very tricky. Just like flowers, different pieces of jewellery have different meanings. Therefore, you want to make sure you’re giving the right piece of jewellery for the right occasion. 

If you’re not sure what piece of jewellery you should be giving someone, check out this guide to determine the best pieces of jewellery for every occasion. 

1. Anniversary Gifts 

Your anniversary is your chance to give that special someone in your life a gift that signifies the bond you share with them. To commemorate this special occasion, many people like to buy his and hers anniversary bands. Another great idea is to give someone an anniversary ring, as these can be stacked on top of wedding rings and engagement rings. 

Also, if you’re really at a loss, you’ll be pleased to know that a different gemstone and metal is associated with each anniversary year! 

For example, the first anniversary is gold, the fifth is sapphire, the 10th is diamond, the 20th is emerald, the 25th is silver, and the 50th is gold again. If you’re on your 25th anniversary, check out The Opal for some great silver pieces. 

2. Birthday 

Everyone wants to feel a little extra love on their birthday, and jewellery is the perfect way to show someone that you’re thinking about them on their special day. 

While there are plenty of options for birthday jewellery gifts, we suggest giving birthstone jewellery. Not only are birthstones beautiful, but legend also has it that wearing your birthstone during your birthday month provides special healing powers. 

3. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day give you the chance to show your parents your gratitude for how much they’ve done for you throughout the years. Plus, anytime your parents wear their jewellery gift, they’ll automatically think of you. 

For moms, we suggest giving a piece of jewellery that has all the birthstones of all the children in the family. This is an extra special gift that your mom will never forget. For dads, we suggest either gifting a watch, timepiece, cuff links, or a bracelet. 

Giving jewellery as gifts can enlighten every occasion and life event 

4. Christmas and Holidays

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukah, there are some great jewellery gifts to be given around the holiday season. Since winter months can be dreary, we suggest giving your loved one a piece of jewellery that really sparkles and shines. 

If you’re shopping for children or teens, we suggest picking out some fashionable jewellery, like stacking rings or statement necklaces. And of course, you can never go wrong with giving diamond earrings or a nice gold watch. 

5. Valentine’s Day 

When people think of jewellery gifts, their minds often go straight to Valentine’s Day. And it’s no wonder why, as giving jewellery on Valentine’s Day has been an ongoing trend for years and years

Of course, the classic Valentine’s day jewellery gift is something that comes in the shape of a heart. We suggest either giving a heart-shaped pendant or a ring with a heart shape on it. Also, if you’re in a serious relationship but aren’t quite ready to tie the knot yet, there are plenty of simplistic pieces of jewellery out there that won’t accidentally send the wrong message. 

Now that you know about what type of jewellery to give for each occasion, it’s time to get shopping!