The time has nearly come to pack your bags and head off on your next summer adventure. With the best season of the year only around the corner, it’s full of the promise of sunshine and memories in new destinations. You might be staying in the UK and exploring places on your doorstep, like the Scottish Highlands, the Lake District or the traditional destination of Cornwall. Likewise, you might want to jump on a plane and escape, off to Europe or even farther afield like America, Mexico or India.

Whatever is on your bucket list for 2018, no trip is complete without those must-have essentials. Whether you’re backpacking and hiking around the mountains or you’re sunning it up by the pool in a luxury hotel, your holiday isn’t complete without those added comforts that ensure you have an enjoyable time.

While many of us prefer to switch off and relax, with phones locked away in the safe, we’re not all of the same mindset. There are a lot of travel gadgets out there that can provide you with all the tech you could possibly need. So, what electronic devices should you remember to pack this year?

Power bank charger

It’s a nice idea to turn off your phone and not use it as much when you’re on holiday, but the reality is that you’ll need for phone for safety reasons as well as helping you find out information about where you are.

If you’re out exploring the sights all day, you may be surprised at how quickly your battery could run out; especially if you’re using it to map your route or search for local restaurants and cafes. It’s incredibly useful to have a portable phone charger with you to make sure you’re not left disconnected! Keeping you powered up while you’re on the move, a portable USB charger can be used for your mobile phone and tablet.

If you’re heading to a sunny location, you also could consider the option of a solar powered charger too.

Bluetooth speakers

No holiday is complete without your favourite music, whether you’re relaxing in the hotel room, sat on a beach or in a public park. Make sure you’re prepared to create a great atmosphere with your own Bluetooth speakers; just be considerate of those around you! Perfect for setting the mood, whether it’s cooking in your villa or getting ready for a night at the local bar.

Bluetooth speakers are easy to pack in your suitcase or backpack and work effortlessly with your smartphone, making them an easy device to take with you wherever you’re going.

Fitness tracker

Exercise might be the last thing on your mind when you’re on holiday, but you’d be surprised how naturally active you might be. Taking a long walk up the beach, or going on an early morning hike, fitness trackers will let you know how far you’ve walked and can ensure you deserve that extra cocktail even more than before!

Wearable tech devices like fitness trackers will also send smartphone notifications to your wrist as well as GPS tracking capabilities too, all of which are helpful when you’re out exploring