Sometimes our décor can feel a little dated, or we simply fancy a bit of a refresh without undergoing a full-scale redecorating job. We spend much of our lives in our bedrooms, so it’s no wonder we can become a little tired of the colour scheme and décor. If you’re looking for some easy, affordable ways to transform your bedroom, then read on.

Introduce a pretty chair

A statement chair is a sure-fire way to transform your bedroom. Use it to bring colour or pattern, plus it’s a practical addition for somewhere to tie your laces or lay a jacket. Choosing a bright colour like this yellow velvet armchair from Arlo and Jacob will act as a focal point and draw the eye into the room. Plus, the classic shape is a beautiful design that won’t date.

A statement wall

Wallpapering or painting a feature wall will be like an instant facelift for your bedroom. A few rolls of paper or a pot of paint is a relatively inexpensive investment, but one that will make a dramatic impact. What’s more, when you get bored again, it’s really easy to paint over with a new colour. Of course, colour is a personal preference, but if you’re looking for inspiration, head to colour experts Farrow & Ball to discover their range of classic paint colours, plus their nine new colours that they introduced just last month. Our top pick for a bedroom wall is the new De Nimes; a stunning, deep, calming, grown-up blue.

A new rug

If you don’t want to look to the walls, then how about the floor? A soft, patterned rug will add comfort, warmth, pattern and texture to your bedroom. A textured rug like this gorgeous option from Anthropologie will completely transform your bedroom space, plus the contrast of the bright blue and yellow would work brilliantly with the De Nimes blue wall and bright yellow velvet chair.


Introducing some greenery to your bedroom is a way of bringing some calm and tranquil vibes to your space as well as lifting the décor. It’s especially good in winter when it’s harder to get outside and seeing some bright green foliage can really lift your spirits. There’s a whole heap of luscious green goodness available from Crocus, and we particularly like this ‘string of beads’ plant for adding visual interest and colour.


Sometimes the simplest of changes can work wonders to your space. Having a proper declutter and clear out can completely transform your room, giving you more space and helping you to uncover things you never knew you had. Having adequate storage that hides away things you don’t want visible is the best way to clear your bedroom and only show-off the things you love the most. Underbed storage solutions are a great way of doing this, as well as blanket boxes at the end of the bed and pretty storage boxes that you don’t mind having on display.


The most affordable way to transform your bedroom is by updating the artwork hanging on your walls. Whether you prefer something abstract or some more realistic landscapes, there are plenty of posters for you to choose from at Fy.