Forget pounding the treadmill and repetitive gym routines. We’ve rounded up the best fitness classes London has to offer this week. Sweatband and lycra optional.

1. For Cycling: Lee Valley VeloPark

Matrix 2

What: Virtual Cycling

Why: It’s nearly the middle of August and if you haven’t used most of your annual leave already, you’re probably using Pinterest to pine over pictures of Mykonos. Stop. These guys offer a virtual led static cycling session where you can immerse your imagination and virtually cycle across the Australian Alps, New York State countryside or the French Riveria without the hassle of sunscreen, cost or flights. Woop!

Where: Lee Valley VeloParkAbercrombie Road, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, E20 3AB

69A Tough Mudder

What: Get ‘mudder’ ready before Tough Mudder on the 26th and 27th of September.

Why: ‘Mudder Maker’ is here to make you mudder ready. I often find myself committing to things and not fully realising what’s involved, but if you’ve signed up for Tough Mudder this year Virgin Active have tailored a class to get you ready for the big day – prepare to sweat. Teams must take on 9 obstacles before taking on ‘The Eliminator.’ Eeek.  Get ready for electroshock therapy (yes, really) swamp crawls and battle ropes.

Where:  Various Virgin Active Clubs around London

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ice ice

What: Ice Climbing

Why: This activity takes monkey bars to a new limit. Vertical Chill offers a wall of ice to hack into and slide down without the health issues of climbing Mont Blanc. Climbing as an activity is really beneficial and perfect if you want a change from lifting weights or straight cardio. You’ll use most of your upper and lower body muscles, including your back, abdominal and leg muscles which will all feel the pressure as well as your fingers, shoulders and arms. Regular climbing can improve stamina, muscle strength and mental strength because of the patience and logical thinking needed. Basically, climbing ice walls could actually make your more intelligent (maybe).

Where: Vertical Chill, Covent Garden

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What: Olympic Lifting

Why: It’s important when exercising not to get bored, as much as it is about how far you can push your body before it starts to hurt, a majority of it is also in your mind and believing you can push yourself that little bit more. A good way to see how far you can push yourself is finding other sports to try. Olympic weightlifting is a sport in which the maximum single lift is established over three attempts and when executed correctly, the Olympic lift is the most powerful thing a human can do!

Where: CrossFit, Arch 56/57 Ewer Street, London SE1 0NR

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What: Hula-Hooping Classes

Why: Hula-Hooping when done correctly and efficiently will tone up your waistline and stubborn ‘love handles’ better than any crunch or side plank. It also will help with balance and rhythm too. Hoops are included in the classes and singing along is advised to keep concentration levels up, otherwise you’ll just fall about laughing with your mates.

Where: East London Dance, Stratford Circus, Theatre Square, London, E15 1BX