It feels as though summer has finally arrived, but living in the UK can mean the summer season is incredibly unpredictable. So, while you should definitely stock up on your summer essentials, you might also want to think about those pieces that will help you prepare for a sudden change in the weather.

Investing in a summer jacket is a must in the British summer; after all, who knows when you’ll be caught in a cold spell or a sudden shower? Here we take a look at some of the popular styles of men’s summer jackets to give you some inspiration for the current season.

Bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is a classic style that constantly reinvents itself every year, creating so much style potential no matter the occasion. The men’s bomber is a versatile design, lending itself to both smart and casual outfits.

The ultimate jacket for in-between weather, its lightweight style is perfect for wearing in cloudy weather, but easy to throw over your shoulder in the sun. Sometimes known as flight jackets, this style was first introduced for pilots in WWII thanks to their looser fit and comfortable design. Of course, modern styles have now made it easier to wear loose or fitted, depending on your personal preference.

Keep it simple with neutral colours like khaki, beige or even navy for an effortless look.

Trucker jacket

You probably know a trucker jacket as the traditional, timeless denim jacket, but there are some differences. Despite that, the trucker jacket is a must-have style for the summer season thanks to its short length and lightweight construction.

The trucker jacket is generally characterised by a slim, tailored cut, chest pockets and buttons at the sleeve, pocket and front. It can come in a variety of colours, and doesn’t always have to be made from denim. You might even see trucker jackets with Sherpa lining on the collar or inside.

The trucker jacket for summer is an adaptable style, but is best worn with your fave pair of jeans and printed t-shirt for a casual, every day look.

Macs and raincoats

Often a festival staple, the mac or raincoat is a perfect alternative jacket if the weather isn’t looking too favourable. It is usually designed with a slightly longer length and sometimes a hood, so you can step out in confidence even when there’s a chance of rain.

Macs can come in a huge variety of styles, including bright colours and prints. You can also find smart styles with slim fit, making them into a very stylish evening jacket for the summer season.

So, if you need a summer jacket to see you through the summer season, check out these styles for the perfect layering look.