Looking for a facial that really gets results? It’s about time you visited Pam at Mortar & Milk – one of the best in the business. Here’s everything you need to know:

Mortar & Milk Review: The Lowdown

Pam Marshall, founder of bespoke skin clinic Mortar & Milk, is our official fairy godmother of skin. I’ve been for countless facials in my time, and so often come away feeling disappointed that nothing can help my acne-prone skin. Pam is like no other facialist in London; there aren’t enough superlatives to describe how well-informed, bright and clued up she is about how to sort pesky skin out. Californian-born Pam set up Mortar & Milk with her husband and their adorable dog Blaize in Parsons Green; expect a light and airy space with friendly staff and a homely, neighbourhood feel.

Mortar & Milk Review: The Treatment

Mortar & Milk Review

I had the Consultation with Bespoke Skin Treatment, lasting 2 hours and costing £350 for Pam or £275 with a Senior Therapist. What to expect? Your appointment begins with a long chat about your history, diet, any medication you take and what skincare you are currently using.

Facial treatments I’ve had in the past have never been so personal and bespoke – they have just been a quick chat on the way to the treatment bed and then lots of prodding, squeezing and scrubbing – but this is different. Pam wants to know everything from the cleanser you use to how often you change you linen (you should once a week) and how often you clean your phone (that should be everyday).

You then have the least flattering pictures taken of you using a special skincare camera, but don’t worry, Pam assured me even models look bad in these pictures which take into account any pigmentation.

I had resigned myself to acne scars forever unless I had more aggressive laser treatment, but Pam said her treatment and the products I will use will bring the inflammation down and over time they would wonderfully fade.

Mortar & Milk Review: The Products

Mortar & Milk Review

Pam puts you on the journey with the right products, which are of a clinical level. She told me it won’t be her who gets my skin better, it’s the products which she will help with.  If you go into Space NK, the products may seem lovely but you won’t be getting the same level of treatment as through products you buy through a clinic. Exuvience is her go-to brand – and, boy, are the products good. She recommended the creamy cleanser, followed by Clinisept – a medical product used in hospitals and is a sure fire way to get rid of any bacteria that permeates your skin and becomes a spot. Following that a variety of serums and moisturisers, but each person is different. Pam’s buzzword is PHA’s – a special kind of acids that rejuvenate the skin.

Mortar & Milk: The Results

A week on my skin already looks like more of a happy bunny, the angry scars have had the volume turned down on them, my skin looks glowing and feel silky soft.

That is pretty life-changing. Going to see Pam made me feel angry with a lot of the skincare industry, there are so many unnecessary products out there which damage our skin, superficially change it for a week and ultimately do nothing, but cost a fortune. I have every faith, that having acne and scars is not something I will have to cover up with a concealer for the rest of my life.

I find my daily routine now quite exciting, as I know every potion I put on is one step to clear skin. Thank you Pam, you’re amazing.