There are an array of beauty treatments in London available, however, if you are on a tight budget this month you might not be able to get your nails or lashes done. But just because you can’t afford to get professional beauty care, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to freshen up your look.

Different cultures all around the world have different styles and trends, so if you want to freshen up your make-up look, there’s no reason you can’t take some tips and trends from different cultures and countries.

Keep reading to discover the make-up lessons you can learn from Latina women.

Latinos in the UK

Latin Americans in the UK are a rapidly growing ethnic group. Coming from countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and many other Latin American countries, these Hispanics are bringing more culture and diversity to the UK.

According to the BBC, as of 2011 there was an estimated 113,000 Latin Americans in London. Britain has become one of the most favourite European countries to reside in, as there is now an estimated 1.4 million Latin Americans in the country.

What does this mean? It means that people in the UK can learn a whole lot about their culture and adapt some of their routines and characteristics, such as their traditions, food, and even their make-up trends.

Make-Up Lessons from Latinas

Latina women do things big. Their make-up is no exception. Whilst the French take a minimal make-up look to achieve beauty, the Latin Americans do big, loud, and bold beauty.

The obvious lesson you can learn here is that you can mix up your make-up. Some days you can adapt more modest make-up trends that reflect minimalism, whilst other days you can make a bold statement and make sure you stand out.

According to make-up expert Isabella De Cardenas, from Monederosmart, “To get a classic Latina make-up look you should enhance your facial features. Don’t try to downplay your assets, be proud of them and show them off. That means maximise your lips, eyes, cheeks, and even your hair!”

Another lesson you can learn from Latina make-up trends is that your make-up routine is a ritual. Take your time when you are getting ready. Hispanics don’t rush when they are applying their make-up because it is seen as an enjoyable act, not just something you need to do.

Make your make-up ritual and routine fun again, by giving yourself more time to get ready and experimenting new techniques.

Latina YouTube Beauty Stars to Follow

Looking for some inspiration? There are many Latina women who have taken to YouTube to provide you with incredible make-up tutorials. These videos will provide you with easy to implement make-up tips and tricks and will equip you with new make-up trends to try.

Try watching some videos from the likes of Mexican-American Desi Perkins, or Mexican and Panamanian star Amy Serrano. Alternatively, if you are looking for organic beauty trends, check out Alba Ramos, who has a wide of reviews on eco-conscious make-up and skincare.