Have you ever bought a really fresh, rich, and addictive fragrance that comes in a little bottle? Or maybe it’s one of those luxury scents that cost you some real coins! People have different reasons for wanting to make their precious elixirs last longer. This is especially true if the fragrance gives them that extra confidence and has all the deep notes to keep them scenting absolutely wonderful. 

So, whether you’re trying to save some money or just want to keep a nice bottle of signature scents made in heaven, this is for you. Here are tips on how to store perfume, with five ways to make your fragrance last longer.  

1. Keep the bottle closed for as long as possible.  

It’s very tempting to tear the bottle out of the package and start spritzing away. However, if you are not ready to start using it just yet, it’s best to keep the bottle closed for as long as possible. 

Imagine you have a lovely Lancome La Vie est Belle bottle which you prematurely open just to get another whiff of its sweet and fruity scent. Here’s a little secret, the liquid gold in that precious bottle will remain pristine right until it’s open. Even the littlest opening could make the mix dilute or start oxidizing. Once open, the potency of the fragrance’s smell will diminish as well.  

2. Store in a dark place.  

Storing your perfume by the window or on an open vanity may look stylish, but it’s not the smartest move. Many don’t know this, but perfume can spoil, and we aren’t talking about the expiry date. It won’t have a foul smell, foam up, or anything dramatic. 

However, storing fragrances in warm environments and exposing them to sunlight could alter the properties of the perfume. This is so important in this tech-advanced age where many fragrances are being created. The essential oils and other recommended extracts may come together perfectly, but exposure to heat and sunlight could alter a genius ingredient list just like that.  

3. Keep it in a cool but dry place.  

It doesn’t matter whether you love colognes, perfumes, or Eau de toilettes. Yes, there’s a . These scented formulas will only last longer when stored in the right environment. Although the contents of the bottle are liquid, water can be very uncooperative when it comes to prolonging the life spans of fragrances. 

Humidity can change the fragrance’s ‘DNA’ and trigger unwanted chemical reactions. If you can, get a dehumidifier in the room to keep surfaces less moist and more fragrance-friendly.  

4. Don’t keep them in the bathroom.  

You may have an amazing eau de toilette, but that does not mean you should place it in the bathroom. The reason is simple: bathrooms have a lot of humidity. That extra moisture is either spread after a hot shower or random splashes of water when brushing, bathing or cleaning. What’s more, hot temperatures are a no-no for perfumes.

Plus, those temperature fluctuations from cold to hot and vice versa will just mess with the chemical make-up of the perfume. So, place the bottles in a closed cupboard or a low-level shelf where it’s less likely to fall or spill.  

5. Keep it in its original packaging.  

This may seem unnecessary, but it may just give you an extra week or two with that beloved bottle of fragrant goodness. The original cardboard or metal pack can help the bottle keep that original, rich, and potent elixir. The original packaging will keep the perfume scents intact and help achieve the dry, cool, and dark environment the above steps have highlighted.