What should I wear? It seems to be the eternal question. A lot of the time, it doesn’t just apply to clothes. Yes, our garments often affect our mood.

So can our perfume and other scents, though. Scientists have confirmed this, in fact. Breath in an aroma, and it could elicit a particular emotion.

But which scents are most effective for this? When should I use it? Let’s explore how to find the right smell for key occasions. A small sniff with all that pheromones could elicit a particular feeling

Chill-Out Days

Leisurely strolls. TV marathons. Deep reads. Ah, chill-out days. Most of us benefit from them – especially during the Spring.

True, this is a time for relaxation. But you can still wind-down and feel fancy at the same time. It’s easy to do, actually. Usually, all it takes is the right scent.

For laid-back vibes, look to lavender or jasmine fragrances. Both plants are widely known to help induce calm.

Of course, they tend to smell divine, too. Wear either, and you could achieve casual glamour. And isn’t this just ideal for a day off?


How do you want to feel at work? Alert? Motivated? Happy? One thing could help: scent.

Want to maintain focus throughout the day? Look for perfumes with a citrus scent. They won’t just smell refreshing – they could help you to feel invigorated.

And if there’s anything most workers need, it’s to feel energised. Cinnamon and peppermint can also help to create this effect.

For a positive work mood, how about neroli? Or that old hippy favourite, patchouli? Each are considered to be emotionally beneficial.

Bring either scent to work, and it could very well brighten up your working day.

Large Occasions

Most of us enjoy large occasions – whether they’re with family, friends or strangers. True, they’re fun.

But they can also be stressful. Especially if we’re on hosting duty. Don’t worry, though. Smell may hold the solution.

Frankincense is just one stress-busting scent. Vanilla is another. With home spray, you can easily suffuse either aroma throughout a room.

Do this before and during the event, and you’ll be able to ensure a relaxed atmosphere – for you and your guests.

Why not invest in a pot of vanilla pods? Store it in an unoccupied space; reserve this area for brief spots of ‘me time’ during the function.

You can then breathe in the vanilla scent during each ‘recharge’ break. It may very well help to boost your mood.

With the perfect scent, you needn’t worry about stress. You’ll be able to stay calm amidst any occasion. What could be better?

Aroma is powerful. Specific types can work across our senses. A small sniff could elicit a particular feeling. Isn’t that amazing? Identify the ideal scent, and you can conjure your desired mood. Which one will you choose?