Choosing a winter coat can be a tough task whether you’re a man or a woman. Looking for something that’s warm, stylish, comfortable and practical which also falls within your budget can take ages, especially when there’s so much choice out there. Be prepared earlier this year with a good knowledge of the fashionable trends taking over and what you need to consider, to choose the best winter coat that will see you through this winter and possibly the next.

What’s in Fashion?

The autumn/winter catwalks were full of potential coats that will look good this year. While there were plenty of outlandish designs, many practical options were on show too. Down jackets are always in fashion for both sexes, while the Parka and Puffer jackets have experienced a big resurgence in recent years that continues to roll on. Wool blended coats and faux rather than real fur are still in fashion, especially for women.

Pick a Suitable Style

Even if puffer jackets are in fashion, it may not suit your style or body type. Instead, consider ones which will. For example, if you’ve got a slim figure then a coat with a belt can look good, while a long tailored coat can suit those who are tall. If you spend a lot of time outside then choosing a coat which is waterproof, such as a waxed jacket from Belstaff or one with a hood will prove practical and stylish.

Leave Room

When trying on a winter coat, make sure you’re wearing what you usually will with it. Trying one on when you’ve just got a t-shirt underneath won’t be realistic for the majority of the time, so remember to leave room for layers. The same is true if you regularly wear thick jumpers or fleeces, otherwise you can end up with a coat that’s too small. Gilets can be a good option to finish off your outfit, whether you add them over or under your winter coat.

Consider Useful Features

Pockets are important on a coat for various reasons. They may not seem something worth considering at the time of trying on a winter coat but when you get out in the elements, you’ll be grateful for them. Whether you’re looking for a winter men or women’s coat, they offer the perfect place to stuff your cold hands, as well as storing your gloves, phone, lip balm and anything else when not in use.

With all of these things in mind you should hopefully be able to pick out the perfect winter coat for yourself or a loved one and stay cosy, comfortable and fashionable this winter.