Are you looking to purchase a new chess set? Making a choice of the best chess set can be a challenging moment. The market offers you an array of options. You will find hundreds if not thousands of chess sets from different brands. Each of these sets has different features and designs. 

When faced with such options, getting confused is a common thing. You might not know which set to pick or which one fits your needs. This paradox of choice moment happens to all people including chess players. 

For this reason, you need to have a perfect way to choose the right chess set in the current crowded market. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a chess set:

Your budget 

Though you might desire to have a luxury and premium chess set, your budget is the ultimate. You need to pick a set that aligns with your budget. 

As you know, different chess elements come at different prices. You can find a good set at $6 in a chess accessory store near you or online. Despite having a shoestring budget, always consider looking for a chess set that has ultimate features. Do not go for a useless set just because it is cheap.

Purpose of the chess set

What do you want to do with your chess set? Do you want to learn how to play the game? Is your goal to take part in an online or offline tournament? The purpose you are seeking to achieve needs to be a priority when searching for a chess set. 

Functionalities and features should be a consideration if you’re looking for a chess set for completing a tournament. If your purpose is to give a friend or want something to add to the decor in your home, you can prioritize the aesthetic and attractiveness. So, know your purpose before deciding on a particular chess set is a nice idea.

Type of the set 

There are many types of chess sets available in the market. Each of these types varies on its purpose and functionalities. For instance, you will find decorative sets suitable for use in the office or at home. Practical chess sets are the next type suitable for friends and chess lovers. 

Also, you will find plastic chess pieces suitable for schools and club tournaments.  Depending on your purpose and goal, you should pick the right type of chess set fit for it.

Construction material

The makeup of the chess sets is crucial during purchase. A well-crafted chess set is durable and offers the best experience. Chess sets come in different constructions. You will find metallic, wooden, and plastic chess pieces and boards.  

When picking a set, assess its construction based on your needs. Metallic sets are durable but won’t be a good idea if you love playing chess on the go. Wood and plastic sets may not last long as metallic ones. But they are light and portable. So, ensure you assess these aspects before deciding on a certain chess set as your choice.  

Skills level 

Are you a beginner? You have a desire of becoming a renowned chess player. After getting things in the right order, you now have some cash to kick-start your journey. You are looking for a beginner-friendly chess set.

If this is your case, you need to prioritize your skills level when determining the chess set to buy. A beginner-friendly set should have tutorials and guides on how to move different pieces. 

Also, some sets particularly the electronic ones come with a coaching option. This option allows you to practice and notice when you make wrong moves. So, look for a beginner-friendly set that aligns with your budget.

In a word, choosing the right chess set is critical. Considering the above tips will ensure you pick a set that will serve your purpose better.