I’ve been colouring my hair since I was 14. Having said that, I’ve never actually touched it myself and don’t ever intend to. (Apart from that time when I played with a baby pink hue for the Queen’s Jubilee, obviously). Over the years, all of those hours sporting an entire head full of foils has left me in the inevitable, never-ending search of ways to improve the maintenance, health and shade of my locks.

When it comes to luxe hair colouring in London, there is one man that I truly trust. Hair Colour Expert (in my books, the King of colour) at Sassoon South Molton St. I caught up with him to discuss one of my favourite topics. This is hair colour, according to Neville Zammit.

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When updating your shade for winter, what’s the most important thing to consider?

It’s not just the condition of your hair that can suffer the effects of the party season. Colour takes a hit too. To maintain your colour as long as possible use a shampoo and conditioner, such as Sassoon Professional Illuminating Clean and Condition that will lock in colour longer and leave your hair glossy and beautifully lustrous.

You have an event coming up and want your colour to look its best. What’s the best instant solution to amplifying the shade?

For an inexpensive low commitment colour I would recommend a colour enhancer. This will boost natural tones and give you beautiful coloured hair that shimmers and shines.

I’ve heard a lot about baby-lights recently. Are they a thing?

‘Babylights’ are another word for natural-looking highlights and sun-kissed tones. They are a great way to enhance your own natural hue without veering too far off the spectrum.

Is amping up the blonde over winter bad for the condition of the hair?

Bleaching the hair does damage and dry the hair, so as part of your regular hair care routine intensive treatments are important and use hair prep such as Sassoon Professional Halo Hydrate. Both products will protect the hair from the heat as well as shielding hair from the harsh winter elements whilst giving you that all important glamorous finish.

What’s the best way to ensure a glossy head of locks?

A weekly deep conditioning treatment such Sassoon Professional Intense Restore is essential, especially as hair loses vitality over the years. Dry hair does not reflect shine and will feel static and dull.  A super moisturising treatment will add elasticity, manageability and shine, penetrating deep into the hair’s cortex and injecting a rush of moisture, whilst smoothing the cuticle.

What’s your most requested winter shade?

Colour palettes seem to be darker and warmer for winter. Browns are more chocolately, reds are more coppery and iridescent and blondes have highlights of cool caramel.

Is winter a good time to play with fun colour? (Would you go along the icy pastel vein?)

The latest Sassoon Salon collection, Optica explores shades of beautiful colour are the essential choice for winter. The key to mastering the palette? Darker tones are carefully placed underneath the lighter to give a three-dimensional effect to the shape. This creates depth, whilst the lighter colours on top enhance the hair’s natural qualities of light reflection.

You’ve been dying your hair blonde for years and it’s not looking very happy. What’s the best way to ease away from it without having a hair crisis?

I would always blend a bespoke combination of tones together to create a perfect shade that’s true to my client’s needs and personality. Think about a darker root colour or a balayage technique through the mid-lengths and ends – this will allow you to go longer between appointments.

What’s the best way to transition into the winter months if you’re brunette and want something to really lift the shade?

This season, warm caramel tones are replaced with rich colour. A blessing for winter, a warm brown will instantly give a radiance boost to pale skin.

Shine is key for brunettes – instantly making the hair look thicker and healthier. To maintain your colour as long as possible use a shampoo and conditioner, such as Sassoon Professional Illuminating Clean and Condition that will lock in colour longer and leave your hair glossy and beautifully lustrous.

You’ve been a goldilocks for quite some time and want to go a little deeper into the red spectrum for the new year – what shades should you look at?

It is always important to compliment your natural colouring, skin tone and complexion,” says Neville. Rose gold’s, coppery reds and natural auburn pieces through the hair will create effortless movement and blend well with gold blonde tones. “You should avoid anything with a purple tone.

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