In the first place, Modafinil is recognized as a smart drug that is cognitive-enhancing. Its weight loss essences are often talked over as a secondary intellect to give pharmaceutical store a try. Hardly could you find Modafinil recommended as a drug for any reason other than its purported set ups. Meanwhile, it is exactly like most of the medicines that are currently in the market. The present role of Modafinil as a cognitive-enhancing and centralizing supercharging mind medication is truly an accidental positive side effect of the original use of the medication.

For this purpose, it is very important to review the safety and effectiveness of the Modafinil and the weight loss mechanism. It is very essential to go through some of the history of the original application of this smart drug, common off-label use, the weight loss effect, and some other essential things.

History and Original Application of Modafinil

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In 1976, some scientists that were working for the pharmaceutical company Lafon Laboratories in France came up with Modafinil. This invention occurred as a result of some tests carried out to know the mechanical action of other compound called Adrafinil that is related to it. Even though, Adrafinil is regarded as an inactive substance converted into an active drug by the digestive process as it metabolized in the liver. The chief active component of this drug is discovered to be Modafinil. Up till now, the particular technical aspect of its function is yet to be known. Research has indicated that it has impact on different neurotransmission systems located in the central nervous system and brain and this include Norepinephrine, Dopamine, Orexin and Histamine.

Modafinil is grouped as wakefulness-promoting compound that has stimulant effects and yet not associated with conventional stimulants that is based on amphetamine. As a result of its alertness and stimulating effects, it was tested to be used as a therapy for human narcolepsy causes due to too much sleepiness in the daytime. A narcoleptic patient can fall asleep arbitrarily all through the day. But with Modafinil, it is possible to improve wakefulness and minimize too much sleepiness according to the various tests, such as the Multiple Sleep Latency Test, the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, and the Maintenance of Wakefulness Test.

Effect of Modafinil on Weight Loss

Another amazing effect about the use of Modafinil has been remarked – this is the possible weight loss effect that will reflect on every one using this smart drug. Even though, this is considered to be one of adverse effects to some people, yet many individuals using it were very happy to know more about this inadvertent side effect. Research has shown that the users of Modafinil are thereby keeping it off. There are some reports about Modafinil weight loss that shows as high as 10-point change in the Body Mass Index within a year.

The outdated diet pills utilized amphetamines to stop appetite thereby they enhanced the increase in the heart beat rate placing tremendous strain on the body. In other word, Modafinil is known to help stops appetite without affecting the level of Norepinephrine and Dopamine in the body. This implies that this nootropic has no serious side effects, such as severe high blood pressure or additional strain on the heart.

As the precise mechanism of appetite inhibition is unknown, it was believed that Orexin and Histamine play a crucial role. The reason for this assumption is that Modafinil has been discovered to help boosting the neuropeptide Orexin concentration in the central nervous system and brain. Orexin focus on the regulation of the wakefulness and appetite. It also helps to release Histamine. Histamine is a neurotransmitter that enhances the regulation of the state of sleeping and waking up, appetite and arousal. All these help to raise the level of these compounds in order to inhibit the appetite.

A theoretical aspect of the reason Modafinil is popularly related to weight loss among the users is associated with the truth that the body burns lots of calories when it wakes up. More so that Modafinil results to the feeling of more sleeping for little time and feeling of more alert every day in individuals could result to boosting effect of metabolism. Naturally, too much time awake in the day time could result to increase in activity that can enhance the burning of calories.

As a result of the impact of Modafinil on the transportation of dopamine, there is increase in the neurotransmitter level when used. Dopamine is connected to motivation that usually increases anytime Modafinil is used. This motivation boosting play a vital role in the weight loss also thereby helps people to embrace and adhere to fitness routine and diet.

To crown it all, one of the major effects of Modafinil is that it increases focus and concentration. Majority of the feedbacks form the users have shown that despite using this smart drug, they usually sit at their computer to do some task and forget about things going on outside the world for some time. In this case, one can easily forget to eat or drink anything. When you are too focused on a particular task at work or in school for some hours in a day, it will be much easier to forget your regular meal intake. Although, this effect is not healthy enough, it is called accidental fasting that could result to weight loss if it is done over and again for some time.

You can read more about it here. When all these factors are put into consideration, this should not surprise you when hearing that average number of Modafinil users is able to shed weight of reasonable amount of the fat in their body with Modafinil medication. Besides, some of the more unwanted side effects of the smart drug could be resulting to weight loss. They include nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, diarrhea and indigestion. All these adverse effects are very common with Modafinil, and could contribute to the weight loss. Other mild side effects include dry skin/mouth, rhinitis, back pain, nervousness, headaches and anxiety. When you are experiencing these symptoms, make sure you stop taking Modafinil, and consult a doctor immediately.