If you’ve recently quit smoking, and are new to vaping, it can be a bit of a minefield to navigate through getting the correct device that’s suited to your needs, and on top of this, finding an e-liquid that has the right amount of nicotine in so it curbs and satisfies your cravings, and prevents you from continually craving a cigarette.

On today’s market, there are several different Nicotine strength vape juices available which caters for everyone’s needs depending on how much Nicotine they need and have previously been used to getting from smoking cigarettes. It’s crucial to pick a nicotine strength that will keep your cravings at bay, but in turn not picking a strength that is too high and will be too harsh on your throat and not enjoyable to vape.

In this blog, I’m going to try and help to explain how to choose the right nicotine strength in your e-liquid so it makes the transition from smoking to vaping as easy and seamless as possible, and how to keep your cravings for a cigarette at bay to successfully quit smoking cigarettes!

What the numbers mean

If you’ve seen a bottle of e-liquid, you will have noticed that all have varying numbers followed by “mg” after them and might be wondering what they mean. Well, let me explain! The numbers relate to the amount of nicotine per mg per ml of e-liquid and will go up in increments of three such as 3mg, 6mg 12mg and so on. It does jump from 12mg to 18mg with no in between, but there is a way to make your own strengths which I’ll talk about further down this blog. Just remember, the higher the number, the stronger the nicotine content will be which goes without saying really.

The highest amount of nicotine that can be included in a 10ml bottle of e-liquid sold in the UK is 20mg, which is the commonly most sold strength in Nicotine Salt vape juice. This has been a regulation put in place by the Tobacco Products Directive which was introduced to the UK in 2016 in a bid to regulate the E-Cigarette market, and all manufacturers that produce e liquid must adhere to these regulations or it will not be allowed to be sold on the UK market by law.

Choosing the right Nicotine level in your e-liquid

As I said at the start of this article, it can be quite tricky to know what strength nicotine you should go for in your vape juice. You’ll ideally want to aim for a strength that is relevant to the amount of cigarettes a day that you smoked, as this will be the same or similar amount of nicotine to what you were used to from smoking cigarettes.

The problem’s you could face is choosing a lower nicotine strength will not curb your cravings if you’ve previously been a moderate to heavy smoker as you won’t be getting the same amount of Nicotine that you’ve previously been used to. Choosing a high nicotine strength e liquid that is not necessary based on how much you previously smoked will likely be too harsh on your throat and you won’t have a good vaping experience!

I’ve created a small guide below to give my advice on what nicotine strength e liquid would be best suited for you based on how many cigarettes a day you smoke. Have a look and see which one matches to you!

1-10 cigarettes a day/light smoker – This is someone who enjoys smoking but not too much. Smokes periodically throughout the day but doesn’t have massive cravings for Nicotine and doesn’t find themselves always reaching for a cigarette. For someone like this, I would recommend a 6mg Nicotine strength vape juice or 10mg Nic salt vape juice. A 3mg nicotine strength could also be a viable option if the amount of cigarettes smoked a day was on the really low end (1-3 Cigarettes a day)

10-20 cigarettes a day /moderate smoker – This is someone who has a fairly moderate nicotine dependency and smokes frequently throughout the day. For someone like this, I would recommend a 12mg nicotine strength e liquid or a 20mg Nicotine Salt strength would be a good option to use also.

20+ cigarettes a day/heavy smoker – This is someone who smokes heavily and often throughout the day and has a high dependency on nicotine. For heavy smokers like this I would recommend higher nicotine strength e-liquids like 18mg, or 20mg Nicotine Salts/Bar Salts vape juice.

Changing the Nicotine strength of your vape juice

One of the many advantages of vaping and using e liquid is having the flexibility available to you to switch between different nicotine strengths depending on if you need a higher or lower strength.

When you first start vaping, you will be using a nicotine strength in your e liquid that is suited to you to help curb your nicotine cravings and stop you from turning back to smoking cigarettes. You don’t have to stay on the nicotine strength that you started on though, as over time your cravings for nicotine will likely begin to subdue, and you can then start dwindling down the amount of nicotine in your e liquid.

As I said above, it is possible for you to mix two different nicotine strengths together to make an “in between” strength if one is too strong but the one down isn’t strong enough. For example, you could get an 18mg nicotine strength e liquid and a 12mg nicotine strength e liquid and combine the both of them in your vape tank/pod and this will balance out to make a 15mg nicotine strength which will likely be just right to satisfy your cravings!

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