A watch is always a gift that can be appreciated by any guy. It is an essential accessory while also being a great way of adding to one’s style. There are a lot of different kinds of watches that your man could want, though.

In this guide, we’ll help you to understand what different watch types are available for men, along with our personal selections for each one of them.

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Luxury Watches

The key to a luxury watch is the stylish construction or intricate movements of the watch. These pieces give off a high-class aura that is great for adding to his classy style, whether at an office meeting or just hanging out with friends. You can look at the men’s gold watches at Nordgreen to get a great example of luxurious watches that would be great as a gift for your man. 

Of course, there are also men who prefer an air of sophistication with their watches. A subtle metallic case that’s combined with a leather strap never fails. 

A great example of a brand known for its luxury watches is, of course, Rolex. The lines of timepieces are known worldwide, carrying a certain prestige just in name alone. If you’re looking to give your man his first Rolex watch, then look no further than the Rolex Air King line. It is a staple piece in the brand’s collections of watches and is one with history at that. Being re-released in 2016, the sports anti-magnetic components are now in a more modern 40mm diameter case. 

Sports Watches

These watches tend to be resistant to shock, scratches, and water, and have multiple functions embedded within the timepiece itself. These functions can come in the form of a chronograph or even a stopwatch mode. They also tend to be easily readable, being fitted with illumination features to aid reading in dark areas. They can also come in both digital and mechanical variants, with the digital ones being cheaper while the mechanical watches being much more stylish.

A masculine-looking option would be the Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chrono, a recreation of a precious watch by the brand. It features an eight screw bezel and is constructed with Chopard’s Lucent Steel, a sustainable and durable option that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Fitness Watches

If your man is the sporty type, then maybe a new fitness watch is the perfect gift for their active lifestyle. More focused on health and exercise activities, it’s great for both fitness buffs and casuals who want to stay fit and stylish. These activity-tracking watches are great for tracking progress via heart rate, the number of steps taken, distance, and more. Usually coming in a simple style, these tend to sport rubber wristbands and a digital screen display. 

A safe choice for gifting Fitness watches would be the FitBit Charge 4 because of its all-around appeal to both fitness fanatics and casuals. It features an easy-to-use companion application and a built-in GPS that would usually be exclusive to more premium options. It also has new features such as the Zone Minutes metric that helps to get newbies to explore higher intensity exercise. Plus, there is an outdoor exercise category that’s perfect for those who spend a lot of time outside. Take note that there are features that are only accessible with an $80 yearly subscription.

Pilot and Dive Watches

Pilot and Dive watches are a great pick for those looking for a timepiece that is different and more robust than your regular sports watch. These watches are meant for the respective professions, but nowadays anyone can use them to up their style. Whether you’re a businessman out and about with your dive watch, or an aviator with their pilot watch, anyone can appreciate the hybrid of style and function that these bring to the table.

Dive Watches are characterized by their rotating bezel, which was used by divers to figure out how much oxygen they had remaining. These bezels also tend to have large and luminous numbers meant to be read under the murky depths of the ocean. 

A great example of a dive watch is the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight. Sporting a smaller 39mm diameter case, it takes inspiration from the Tudor Dive Watches from the 1950s and 1970s. A fusion of modern and vintage, this will surely put a smile on his face.

Pilot Watches can vary from brand to brand, coming in multiple styles of wrist bracelets. Before, these watches would commonly have a slide rule bezel, which aided pilots in performing various actions while in the air. They may also have chronographs, World Time functions, and tachymeters.

The IWC Pilot’s Le Petit Prince Chronograph is a great example of a pilot watch to buy as a gift. It features a chronograph and date-time window, as well as a soft-iron inner case that protects against magnetic interference. Its sapphire crystal cover is scratch-resistant and anti-reflective.