As the mother of the bride, you are going to have many responsibilities. In fact, you will probably end up planning most of the wedding. However, your biggest responsibility is to look amazing in your dress without overshadowing the bride. This might sound like a simple task, but it really is much harder than it sounds. However, with the following dress idea, you can rest assured that you will look your best without going overboard on that big day.

The Cap-Sleeved Dress

There is a reason that women from all around the world love the cap-sleeved dress. They are the perfect solution when you want to show a little skin while still staying mostly covered. Along with this, they are stylish, comfortable, and completely versatile. These dresses will work with about any theme. This is especially true when it comes to summer events. Any mother of the bride can really benefit from the cap sleeves without taking too much away from the bride. With the fashion freedom that the dress provides, you will be free to consider a variety of hues. If you are looking for a classic touch then, you might want to opt for a neutral hue.

Off-The-Shoulder Dress

When it comes to the mother of the bride dresses, you will simply not find anything more glamorous than the off-the-should. The exposed neckline will really allow you to show off your collarbone as well as your shoulders. Another great addition is that you can really accessorize with your favorite jewels. If you like sleeved dresses then you can opt for the three-quarter length sleeve dress or one that hits slightly above the elbow.

Take Advantage Of Vertical Lines

Did you know that horizontal lines and styles tend to make women look wider than what they actually are? Well, you might be surprised to learn that vertical lines can have the opposite effect. That’s right vertical stripes and lines actually add length to the torso area. A dress with vertical lines and elegant embroidery detailing will really make your figure look more flattering.

The Empire Waist Dress

If you are really proud of your bosom then you should be taking advantage of empire waist dresses. These dresses offer the perfect style and fit that will really show off the chest area. The empire bodice cuts right underneath the bust just slightly above the waist and really emphasizes the chest area. Not only does it draw attention to the chest area, but a look like this will help camouflage the tummy. Plus size mother of the bride dresses like this are especially functional and flattering at beach or garden weddings. They also work well when paired with flowy chiffons or georgette skirts.

Peplum and Separates

There really is nothing wrong with the age-old sash, but if you really want to change things up, you can opt for the peplum top. This style of this top will really elongate the torso, which is the perfect option for the mother of the brides that are different sizes on the top and bottom.