Looking to finish the year strong with some good ol’ cardio fitness? Look no further than these 5 classes; ideal to start your day off right or end the day and get the best night’s sleep. Grab your trainers, it’s time to sweat:

1. For Endurance: F45

The Class: Endurance is the name of the game, so get ready to find your zone with Marathon – expect bikes, rowers and F45’s longest-ever working sets for a truly challenging cardio session. 14 exercises each with 2-minute sets will push you to the max.

What to Expect: Based on long-distance sports, the racetrack-style workout comprises stations with 120 seconds to undertake each exercise. Testing your cardio-vascular threshold, Marathon is all about maintaining a steady pace to help you reach the finish line. Pack a towel, you’re going to need it.

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Where: Locations here

2. For a Heartbeat Raiser: John Reed 

The Class: John Reed’s Power Zones focuses on explosive movements and intensive cardio in Tabata/HIIT style. A class to seriously make you sweat, Power Zones promises to increase your heart rate to up to 180bpm.

What to Expect: With a cracking soundtrack and some of the friendliest trainers in the capital, the workout involves a range of powerful exercises paired with short bursts of intensive cardio using the TRX, rowers, assault bikes, slam balls, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises, following specific timings which range from Tabata-style (20 seconds on, 10 off) to 40 seconds on 20 off.

How to Book: Head to John Reed’s website here 

Where: 90 Liverpool St, London EC2M 2AT

3. For a Conditioning Class: BXR London 

The Class: Introducing BXR’s SWEATCon class, created by Master Training Faisal Abdalla and exclusive to BXR’s City location. SWEATCon revolutionises conditioning classes by combining strength and metabolic conditioning with aerobic and anaerobic exercises, bringing a gritty and functional edge to a boutique environment.

What to Expect: The daily class, which is 45-minutes long, starts with mobility and movement prep. During the class, each member rotates across all three stations, the SkiErgs, Assault bike and free weights either once or multiple times, depending on the class structure, whether it’s a Pull, Push or Legs Day.

How to Book: Book the class here

Where: Level 25, 22 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4BQ

4. For a Full Body Workout: KXU London Evolve

The Class: KXU has launched their new class concept, Evolve. This class involves a 50-minute full-body workout incorporating stretch and cardio, providing total body conditioning.

What to Expect: You’ll split time between a varied series of bodyweight and weighted workouts. Just when you think you’ve given it your all there’s a cardio finisher, designed to raise your heart rate one final time. There’s elements of teamwork interwoven throughout so motivation and a competitive spirit will carry you through.

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Where: 241 Pavilion Rd, London SW1X 0BP

5. For Testing Your Fitness Ability: Bermondsey Boxing Club 

The Class: Recent opening Bermondsey Boxing Club has a range of classes suitable for boxing newbies and those looking to up their fitness level. New class Fighting Fit does what it says on the tin.

What to Expect: During the 45 minutes, prepared to be put through your paces. A true beasting incorporating bag work drills and body weight exercises. It’s all about getting stronger, and getting tougher.

How to Book: Visit the website here 

Where: 53 Tower Bridge Road, SE1 3LW