Bored of hitting the cross trainer? We feel you. If you’re in need of some motivation, or a new gym class – we’ve discovered 3 new workouts in the capital. From getting fit at London’s highest gym, to a new dance class – it’s time to feel the burn:

1. For a Contemporary Dance Class: Gymbox 

What: Gymbox has a whole new timetable of creative classes to help gym-goers continue to conquer their fitness goals, while also keeping pulses thumping throughout April.

The Class: On the timetable is the aerial dance class, Fly Low. The original inspiration for this class is a type of contemporary dance technique called ‘Release Technique’ in which dancers use gravity and the floor, gliding effortlessly through movements and sequences with minimal extraneous effort, releasing weight, allowing swings, momentum and pauses to move through space. Fly Low combines the contemporary dance style ‘Release Technique’ on the floor, with the gravity-defying aerial hammocks. Classes goers will flow from the floor to the hammock and back to the floor in a seamless dance sequence. And for something to wear to the gym, discover Stone Island for men.

Where: Locations here

2. For Strength and Metabolic Conditioning: BXR

What: BXR’s acclaimed master trainer Faisal Abdalla has created a new class concept, Sweatcon. Launched exclusively at the brand new BXR City location at 22 Bishopsgate, the new class is about enhancing performances, building engines, and educating clients on how to move better – all in a high-energy, supportive group environment. 

The Class: SweatCon is a strength and metabolic conditioning class that brings a gritty, functional edge to a boutique environment. The daily class, which is 45-minutes long, starts with mobility and movement prep. During the class, each member rotates across all three stations, the SkiErgs, Assault bike and free weights either once or multiple times, depending on the class structure, whether it’s a Pull, Push or Legs Day.

Where: 25thFloor, 22 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4BQ

3. For a Rep-Based Workout: F45

What: Exclusively curated by F45 Training and its new Chief of Athletics, Gunnar Peterson, the aptly titled Gunnar Peterson workout is the first rep-based class on the F45 timetable.

The Class: This exhilarating, hybrid session combines cardio, resistance, agility and core movements, ensuring you get the best of both worlds for an ultimate full-body burn. Based on a pyramid style of training, you will push yourself to the max by increasing your weights as you move through each circuit, helping you to build strength and endurance like an athlete.

Where: Locations here