There is so much to remember when planning a wedding and it is easy to overlook some of the smaller details when you are overwhelmed by the bigger picture. But do not let the little things pass you by because those are the things that will make your wedding special and unique. After you have picked the perfect dress, here are some accessories to complete your look.


Of course, you have your engagement ring and have picked out the wedding bands but do not forget additional bridal jewellery. It is important to choose pieces that go with your dress and fit your personal style – check out this diamond jewellery collection for a huge array of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings that can go to making you look magical on your special day. Be careful not to go overboard, pick one or two pieces that make you sparkle.

Hair Accessories

You might be struggling with the decision of how to wear your hair with womens hair accessories, whether you want it up or down or in between. Depending on your style you can dress your hair up with a headband, a tiara, some pearl accessories or even some real flowers for a more hippie,
laid back look.


The veil is an iconic bridal accessory and there is no shortage of options. You can go understated with a simple short veil or add some subtle sparkles for a gorgeous, understated princess look or live out your childhood dream of having a huge, long train that trails behind you. 


The history of the garter is a little sketchy – wedding dresses were considered to be good luck and so to avoid the risk of guests ripping off parts of her dress, the bride would wear a garter that could be given to one of the attendees. You do not have to follow the tradition of the garter toss as it is fast falling out of fashion with modern brides, but it is a nice little touch that can make you feel sexy whilst being a nice treat for your husband on the wedding night.

Wedding shoes

The shoes you wear on your wedding day need a lot of consideration. Think about whether you want to wear heels or flats, if you are not so graceful in tall shoes then perhaps some gorgeous pumps are a safer option. Consider a change of shoes for your reception if you are worried about being uncomfortable and remember to take the venue into account! If you will be outdoors or in the sand for most of the day, stick with some sensible footwear that will not trip you up. Make sure you select your shoes for the ceremony before your first dress fitting so your gown can be hemmed perfectly. 


It is important to remember that your bouquet is part of your completed look. You will be holding the flowers in all your photos, and you need to make sure it goes with both your dress and your overall colour scheme.