Tired of hitting the same old exercises every time you go to the gym? Maybe your current routine just isn’t coming up with the goods for your fat loss goals? If so, it’s about time you tried these five best fat burning moves instead. Keep reading to find out how you can really turn up the heat on your workouts.

Alternating Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebells are no longer mysterious objects reserved for serious strength clubs. Thanks to their functional and fun appeal, they’ve now become a staple in gyms across London. From swanky bespoke studios right through to hip, bare-brick fitness barracks, you’re just as likely to see someone swinging a bell as you are trudging on a treadmill.

Why? Well, the answer lies in the kettlebell’s diversity – especially for fat burning. Completing a kettlebell swings requires full body action, which calls upon more calories than using single-muscle exercises. Plus, there’s the endurance aspect too, as the bell continues to flow in motion right until the last rep. All the time it must be controlled, placing a high demand on your muscle and cardio endurance.

Stepping up to alternating kettlebell swings is one way to take things further. Firstly, by alternating hand you work your body unilaterally, essentially using both sides of your body independently. Also, there’s the added benefit of reducing how much load you place on your spine, by shifting the strain from left to right. People who have hurt their back before can find the alternating style a much friendlier swing.

Try perfecting the standard kettlebell swing first. Making sure your back stays straight, and you have the mobility to finish in a tabletop position while at the bottom. You should also be able to keep your arms extended fully throughout the entire move. Once you have this down, work on alternating hands at the top of the swing. So, if your left arm brought the bell between your legs first time, it’d be the right arm on the next one.

When using alternating kettlebell swings aim to keep your heart rate high. Doing this is the best way to safely increase energy demand and fat burning.

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

Okay, so you have the swing down. But what about when you’re not in the mood for dynamics? Or what if you don’t have the space? It’s about time to try the kettlebell front squat – aka goblet squat.

Squatting is what’s known as a compound exercise because it uses more than one muscle group. Studies have even shown squats to be the most superior exercise for burning through calories compared to other lifts. Not everyone feels confident in hitting a full back squat though, and if you’re like most fitness fans, you’re all about quick and easy additions to your workout – not a full hour in the squat rack.

This is where kettlebell goblet squats come in. By holding the kettlebell by the horns, you’re able to bring it up to chest height, and set arms in a safe and comfortable position. Letting your elbows point down and stay close to your body helps to alleviate tension in your wrists too. Not to mention they’re a lot friendlier on the lower back, making them more suitable for the less experienced or more casual lifter.

All you do from here is keep your core braced, back straight, and squat down into your midfoot. Your elbow should fit snug between your knees while you’re at the bottom. To return to the top, push through your mid-foot again and drive up with intent.

Goblet squats are great for getting those quads firing. They’ll also tap into your core, giving you a strong, stable midsection. If you hit them with enough vigour and consistency, they can help burn fat like nothing else. The key is to use a weight heavy enough that the rep range you’re using is challenging. You can also shorten your rest times to make things tougher and increase your calorie burn.

Kettlebell Pullover Sit-Up

Here we are with another compound kettlebell move and one that’ll seriously light up your core. Because, after all, your midsection is your foundation of strength, not to mention where those hard-earned abs are waiting.

While it might look like a total upper-body endeavour, kettlebell pullover sit-ups are a full-boy affair. While your core works hard to hinge and arch your arms over your head, your legs need to stay rigid using isometric tension. As a result, everything from your toes to the fingers in your hand get full-blown fat burning workout. Beats those boring old crunches, right?

For this exercise grab an exercise/yoga mat or position yourself on a soft floor. Lay flat on your back with both of your feet together before reaching overhead to grab a kettlebell by the horns. This should feel as though you’re about to do a triceps press, but instead of flexing the elbows, you’re using straight arms to arch the kettlebell.

Now you’ve grabbed the bell, keep your feet on the ground, activate your core, and arch the kettlebell up and over until it is in line with your chest. Next, perform a strict sit up by using your mid-section muscles to pull you up, while simultaneously moving the kettlebell above your head with straight arms. At no point should you let your elbows bend and try not to use momentum if you can help it – this helps increase intensity in the core.

You should now be sitting totally upright with your arms extended over your head. Squeeze your entire body for a second before reversing the previous motion until you’re laid flat. Then, lower the bell back toward the floor under control. You guessed it, repeat, repeat, and repeat until the calorie crushing set is complete.

Fixing up your fat loss routine with these three moves could bring big results. Forget the treadmill and same-old split weightlifting routines and focus on full-body workouts instead. It just so happens that kettlebells are awesome for hitting all muscle groups in one go.

Remember though, that fat burning relies on one thing – calorie deficits. Without eating less calories than your burn, it is scientifically impossible to naturally lose body fat. So, shore up your diet first and maybe consider if a metabolism support supplement could align with your goals. We found https://bestsupplements2019.com/best-fat-burners/ to be a handy place to find the best ones.

Good luck out there. It’s about time to grab that kettlebell and get to work isn’t it?