Moving house is often a very exciting time, but it is fair to say that it can also be pretty daunting too. After all, there are a host of different issues that have to be both considered and carefully juggled if everything is going to go as smoothly as possible. Here’s our top tips for moving house in London!

Having the right mindset in such situations can make all of the difference though, so once you’ve found the house or apartment for you it is time to start planning ahead. Whether you’re taking your very first step on the property ladder after years of renting or even moving up to the next rung, these tips could be well worth bearing in mind.

Tackle your finances

From the outset, you should have an inkling as to what you can afford in a new home, but once you’ve located the property of your dreams it is time to start getting quotes on the mortgage products that you could take up. One starting point could be a site like Trussle which offers mortgage advice and support on remortgaging too.

However, it is important not to just focus on what your monthly payments might be when securing a mortgage offer. There can be a host of additional costs to consider including arrangement, valuation, and legal fees, so make sure you have the funds to cover them too.

Packing preparations

As the prospect of moving begins to become a reality, it is time to start preparing accordingly. It is never too early to go through belongings and get rid of items you do not need, whether that is by using selling sites, social media, or simply asking friends if they want to take a few things off your hands. You should also begin packing items up as soon as possible, kicking off with non-essentials that you are unlikely to require in the weeks before your move.

Next, you should get quotes for removal companies, relocation specialists Bournes suggest that it is worth contacting them around four to six weeks before a move. The company also advise that you should get in touch with a removal company as soon as possible if you’re planning to move in busy periods like the summer or a school holiday.

Consider other admin

In addition to that, you should consider other necessary tasks like mail redirection. Royal Mail explains that the move is vital for many reasons, including to avoid fraud.

You may also want to inform insurers and other bodies that you are linked to of a change in address, while you could take this opportunity to consider your current utilities providers, and which companies may be able to offer the best deals at your new location.

Get on the front foot

Moving house is often the start of a new chapter for many people, but the excitement surrounding it can often be undermined by the stress and sheer number of issues that you have to tackle.

Hopefully, the suggestions above have given you some ideas on how being proactive can make a big difference to the process and set you on the right track to a smoother move.