More people then ever are taking to the great outdoors for holidays, sporting activities or simply to enjoy the fresh air and scenery, so selecting the right outdoor clothing is essential. 


Outdoor wear that combines technology with style; there is nothing quite like a walk in the country on a crisp morning or venturing to the beach for extreme sports like sandsurfing, but finding clothing that is up to the task can be difficult. Help is at hand in the form of an exciting range of stylish and sophisticated outdoor wear from leading label engelbert strauss. The label is known for its superior quality cotton clothing, and its shirts are incomparable in terms of style and excellence, while its workwear collections are favoured by some of the world’s leading corporations and brands. A new functional collection of cool, up to the minute outdoor wear has been created using the latest methods and technology.  A unique fabric that features cotton on the outside with polyester on the inside has been used to create t-shirt that keep wearers cool or warm as required. Ideal for sports like mountian biking and hiking, or just for wearing on walks or strolls, these innovative garments use this dual core technology to maintain colour fastness while ensuring ensure that sweat is drawn away from the skin.  This allows wearers to enjoy moisture removal that is as much as 3 to 5 times faster than that offered by traditional fabrics.


Each item in the latest collection of outdoor wear can be tailored to the needs and demands of wearers. Those who want high performance clothing will find that the breathable fabric is ideal for keeping cool in extreme conditions, while those who just want terrific looking garments will love the great choice of colours and styles.  It isn’t only t-shirts made from comfortable, breathable fabric which will enhance any outdoor event or experience; shorts are a great choice for sports or outdoor activities, and top quality, durable materials and strong, triple stitched seams can cope with the most trying conditions. Handy pockets are useful for carrying essentials such as maps or keys, and strong fold over pocket flaps allow wearers greater security and peace of mind. Outdoor fans can team shorts with t-shirts in a wide range of colours to create a fashionable but highly effective outfit that conforms to their personal taste and preferences.


Choosing the right type of clothes for outdoor pursuits means that wearers remain cool, comfortable and protected from the elements in any setting, and in any location.