Charlotte Tilbury has been a makeup enthusiast from a young age. Transformation is at the heart of what Tilbury does and much of her range is named after some of the most iconic women in the world – who are also faithful clients during her 20+ year career as celebrity makeup artist. Her client list includes famous names like Penelope Cruz, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, and best friend and godmother to her son Kate Moss. The British supermodel is the inspiration for Tilbury’s approach to makeup, a slept in, grungy look that strays far from the Kardashian influenced perfectly contoured, mask like faces. Of course, Tilbury is no stranger to contouring, but she prefers enhancing and slightly tweaking what is already there, rather than completely reshaping.


“I noticed the effect a beautiful woman had entering a room and wanted to understand her secret weapon. Then, at 13 I discovered mascara and personally experienced the power of makeup. I have been hooked ever since,” Tilbury says on her official website.

Tilbury’s love for makeup sprung from an admiration and appreciation of beauty, tethered to the belief that this power can be harnessed with the swipe of a lipstick. Undeniably, Tilbury has worked with some of the most beautiful women in history, but the real magic in her makeup line is the attainability of this beauty for the everyday woman. Her focus with all of the products is to make them wearable for every woman. Many of her products come with labels like “on the go” and handy instructional videos on how to use them, making them easy to use even for complete makeup novices. As the Charlotte Tilbury look is all about a grungy, smudgy sexiness, there is no need to obsess over achieving the perfectly winged eyeliner.


Her products are sold in convenient, perfectly colour coordinated sets. The idea is that her range delivers looks to your doorstep that have been carefully curated by a makeup artist. All you have to do is follow the instructions. Each set speaks to the different aspects of a woman’s personality, with names like “sophisticate,” “rock chic” and “golden goddess.” The range is inclusive of all skin types and ages, accompanied by useful recommendations from the visionary herself. All that remains is to choose who you want to be that day.

As every good makeup look starts with good skin, Charlotte Tilbury has also begun to veer into creating a skincare line. Her “magic cream” instantly transforms tired and dull looking skin and is her product of choice on models and celebrities alike. Of course, no cream will ever replace the effects of a night of beauty sleep, so part of any beauty routine should also include making sure you get your nightly six to eight hours. Perhaps even consider investing in a top-quality mattress like this one, after all, what is the point in shelling out hundreds on concealers and under eye brightener’s if really all you need is a bit of shut eye?

Perhaps what is so endearing about the energetic, enthusiastic Tilbury is her boundless love of women, the way she unabashedly celebrates them and revels in their beauty. Her motto: Give a woman the right makeup and she can conquer the world.