They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and while a lot of that is true, there isn’t a lot of information stressed enough on what fashion for plus-size women should concern. Most plus-size women end up being frustrated with their choice of attire, not for formal occasions, but for informal set-ups and especially travelling.

There is a lot of baggage and tire that comes with travelling, all of which are factors that dictate the way one prepares for a tour or trip. Lucky for you, below is a compilation of several fashion styling tips that could favor any plus-size woman planning to travel:

Black slacks always work

When you are large-bodied, your choice of colors in clothes should be intentional, because you want to emphasize your waistline without coming out as too large. Therefore, black slacks must always make it you’re your bag pack. Ideally, grab a pair that is not too tight, so you can as well be relaxed through your trip. If black is not a color you prefer, consider any other dark neutral color. The good thing is that such slacks can go with anything, which makes it our favorite styling tip.

At least one casual pant

You can never go wrong with a great pair of jeans. Given that you are travelling, you need a pair of casual pants that you can throw on one of the laid-back days, or even on the actual travelling day. Juggle up the length of the pants as per your height. For example, if you are too short, ensure your jeans are not too long, else they make your legs look even shorter. If your legs are too long, you can choose pants that fall below your knees, you break off the flatness and length of your feet, for a more proportional look.

Drawstring waist maxi dress

Every plus size woman needs to own a maxi dress. The best thing about a drawstring waist maxi dress specifically is that it curves well around the body, with a definition around the waist area to give you a distinguished waistline that is flattering to your figure. Further, the maxi length and its free-flow nature are very comfortable for travel, especially for vacation purposes.

White long-sleeved shirt

First, you want to pick make sure your shirts are long-sleeved so you can cover up most of your arm, especially for women who are uncomfortable with showing off their skin. The best thing with a white long-sleeved shirt is that it is a neutral color that can be paid with anything, say, a blazer, a sweater, or even on its own. It can also work well with jeans of the black slacks you brought along or tucked in underneath a pencil skirt.

Open front cardigan

As much as you try to rely on your weather channel, you can never quite predict the weather changes when you are travelling. For this reason, ensure you pack a cardigan or two, to help out on the windy days. More specifically, consider grabbing an open front cardigan that is not only light to wear but also easy to style and pair with other clothes. An open-front cardigan can polish up your look when you lay it under some pants, whether casual or formal, then layer it with a white shirt or top.

A pencil skirt

Every woman’s closet needs to have a pencil skirt. In the same way, in your travel luggage, do not overlook the significance of a pencil skirt that can nicely fall on your body, bringing out your hourglass figure. The best thing with a pencil skirt is that it can be worn with pretty much anything, to bring out a casual or formal look altogether.

If you are a little hesitant about your body in a pencil skirt, consider a free-flowing kimono over it with a belt to tie everything together, or a loose top to compliment your overall look. Further, if you are a short woman, you want to ensure your pencil skirt falls right above the knee length, so you can show a little length, and give the impression of a longer bottom.

Plus size women are beautiful, and their figures should not be a hindering factor for looking amazing. As you plan your travel, make sure the kind of clothes you pick out are not just etched on fashion-forwardness, but more on comfort aligned to the purpose of your journey.

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