I am a fast beauty sceptic. I think good things take time; I love nothing more than a lengthy blow dry when someone massages your scalp in a way that could only be an act of sheer love, or a manicure that makes you forget why you came in in the first place. But that all changed when I stepped into Blow LTD. Indeed, there’s something exciting happening in Covent Garden and I’m a total convert. If you’ve only got a few minutes after work to get yourself perfect and pampered, here’s what you need to know:

Blow LTD. – The Concept 

BlowLTD2, blow LTD.

blow LTD., blow beauty bar, salon london

Blow LTD. has come over from the states – where the concept is really, really big. The idea is ‘fast beauty’ – there’s a menu of treatments that can be completed in under 30 minutes, and iPads to browse the beauty looks, and your favourite magazines. We’re talking really fast: 30 minute guaranteed in-and-out blow dries, 15 minute makeup sessions and 15 minute mini manis. You choose a style of blow dry, make-up or nails and you’re away. There’s no umming and ahhing as you discuss the million possibilities for your locks – you sit, point and you’re en route to perfect hair. The blow-drys never take longer than 25 minutes, which we totally love, and there’s no mirrors (apparently people don’t like to look in them as they get their hair done) so it’s a bit of surprise, but always a good one.

Blow LTD. – The Looks

blow LTD., blow beauty bar, salon london

There are 11 hair looks, 4 make-up ones and 3 nails. Our favourite is the Power Blow; it’s a sleek, strongly structured blow dry for a really professional finish, that makes it look like you’ve just stepped off the set of Mad Men. We also love the Blow ‘n Braid look because it’s simply something you would never be able to achieve at home; that perfect level of Mermaid Beauty that seems so possible when someone else does it. To finish it all over, you can make-up (Day Face, Evening Face or Party Face) for a mere £15 extra. In fact, the whole thing comes out rather cheap…

Blow LTD. – The Prices

Blow LTD.

The price scheme is devised to build as much as you fancy; the basic blow dry costs £25 (which, we think, is rather reasonable for a London blow-dry), but you can add-on various treats depending on how indulgent you’re feeling. The Blow + Gloss Shot is £40 and includes a hair treatment which will leave your locks super shiny, and the Get Lashed + Make-Up adds false lashes on to your final beauty look.

Blow LTD. – The Packages

Blow LTD.

Perhaps one of the cheapest ways to do it is to purchase a beauty package. The best is the £50 package which takes 40 minutes and includes a blow-dry, make-up and nails, which means each service is 10% off. The best thing about Blow is that all their looks are on-trend and seasonal; with an ever-changing ‘On Trend Nail’ look and make-up styles, you’re sure to come out looking a million dollars, rather than the cover of last season’s Grazia.

Blow LTD. – The Shop

blow ltd.

Blow LTD.

If you don’t have time to make it to the Covent Garden store, then Blow LTD. can also help you at home with their very cool shop. They have a wicked handpicked store, with 25 cult and discovery products, as well as beauty news, views and ‘how-to’ guides. You can purchase online and expect products the next day – it’s a great way of navigating all those overwhelming shelves in Selfridges and finding the best new beauty products in a flash. A nice, independent edit of what’s hot in the beauty world… Exactly what you need.

For more information and to book, see here.