Exercise is good for you. A common form of exercise is running. Running has been proven to have several health benefits. There are, however, a few weird effects that running can have on your body. Over time running can affect your knees, your heart, buttocks and even your face. The effects on the face aren’t all good. One of such effects is runner’s face.

Simply put, runner’s face describes the effect that strenuous exercise, particularly running has on an individual’s face. It is characterized by a skeletal, bony face with hollowed eyes and sagging skin. Some people disagree with the term used to describe the bony appearance of the face as they say it can be caused by several factors.

Factors That Contribute to Runner’s Face

  1. Age: Runner’s face tends to affect persons near to or over the age of 40.
  2. Sun exposure: Exposure to the sun can cause premature aging and the breakdown of fibers within the skin which also contributes to a gaunt appearance.
  3. Intense exercise: Other strenuous exercise apart from running that causes facial skin and fat to bounce can induce the skeletal appearance of the face.
  4. Excessive weight loss: Rapid loss of weight whether intentionally or unintentionally can give the face a drawn look.
  5. Dry Skin: Dry skin may result from high sodium content in perspiration. This can contribute to a wrinkly, older look.

How to Prevent Runner’s Face

There really isn’t anything one can do about aging. Several things can be done to slow down the effects of age, though. A diet rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants and free of artificial sugar and excess salt can help to slow down the process of aging. Age also results in the degeneration of elastic tissue and fibers (elastin and collagen) in the skin. As a result, skin becomes saggy and loose. 

Step 3: “Revive Me” from the 123FRÉ SKIN CARE TREATMENT is an anti-aging serum that slows down the loss of collagen and skin elasticity and aids regeneration. It is hypoallergenic and allows the skin to breathe. The Argania Active Complex© made from oil derived from the kernel and leaf of the Argan tree is packed with potent antioxidants and fatty acids that will provide nourishment needed to restore skin’s firmness.

One should aim to limit exposure to the sun, both by using sunscreen and by wearing appropriate clothing. Step 1: “Protect Me” can be used during workouts and at other times of the day when sun exposure is a must. It helps to reduce the damage that sun can do to your facial skin, thus reducing the likelihood of runner’s face It is water resistant and will still be effective even while perspiration is taking place. Its moisturizing properties help to prevent the dryness that results from sweating and that can cause sagging of the facial skin. This product not only assists with sun exposure but hydrates the skin as well to keep skin supple.

At least 20 minutes prior to activity in the sun, be sure to put on your sunscreen for maximum effect. Ensure that your sunscreen is liberally applied. Re-application may be necessary for prolonged periods of sun exposure.

Excessive weight loss can be tempered by proper diet and not resorting to crash diets or diets that eliminate fats altogether. Remember that the body needs fat, especially good fat daily, in small amounts, to maintain the healthy appearance of the skin and hair. A healthy, well-balanced diet (inclusive of some fats) while exercising is necessary to prevent this dreaded look.

Keep your skin hydrated. Sure we mentioned, using the moisturizing sunscreen, or if you would like, you can use a moisturizer and a sunscreen but here are two things we tend to neglect. First, hydration should start on the inside. Consume copious amounts of liquid, right through the day, not just around your workout time. Second, your face should be kept moisturized 24/7. This means at night, before going to sleep, you should apply moisturizer to your face. A thicker moisturizer is in order at nights, to seal in the moisture and support the skin’s efforts to repair itself.

What if I Already Have The Look?

The truth is, if you already have runner’s face depending on how far gone it is, the results of attempts to correct it may take a long time to become visible. The above-mentioned tips are still in order as they will help to prevent further damage and slow down the aging process.

Don’t let your perception of what a ‘normal’ face should look like prevent you from exercising. After all, life happens. Whether you exercise or not, your facial skin will sag, your eyes may hollow, you may have laugh lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, you name it – or you may not. Remember, claiming to be maintaining your beauty is no excuse not to keep fit.