Fashion is a complicated and confusing world, isn’t it? What is in fashion one day is suddenly unfashionable the next.

The fast-pace of the fashion world means making a mistake is incredibly easy. However, if you’re making some of the mistakes below, don’t worry… there are ways to avoid them!

Mistake 1: Low cut, V-neck t-shirts – Low cut tops are best avoided – this includes t-shirts (like the ones often seen on Simon Cowell) particularly in a V-neck style and unbuttoning a shirt much further than it needs to be. 

Avoid this by… opting for a round neck – like these stylish ones from SikSilk – instead of a V-neck. If you like wearing V-necks because they keep you cool, simply roll the sleeves up of your round neck t-shirt up to your elbows. Or you could go for a short-sleeved linen shirt instead.

Mistake 2: Socks and sandals – This is a big no-no! These should never be worn together but they still are, particularly during the summer months.

Avoid this by… investing in a decent pair of canvas slip-ons – they will be lightweight and comfortable while still looking stylish.

Mistake 3: Clothing that is too tight – Jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, shorts, shirts – if any of it is too tight it won’t only look wrong, you will also feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Avoid this by… trying before you buy – there is a big difference between slim fitting and far too tight. You will know whether you feel comfortable or not, if you don’t then put it back!

Mistake 4: Ill-fitting suits – while you should be avoiding clothing that is too tight, ill-fitting or baggy clothing is also a big no and suits tend to be the worst offenders. Some men think that their suits and shirts should be baggy – but they shouldn’t be, they should fit. This might be done for comfort but this isn’t necessary and it will actually just look scruffy.

Avoid this by… going for a suit and shirts that fit as close to your body as possible while still retaining free range of movement in your arms. This simple change will instantly make you look suave and smart.

Mistake 5: Wearing boot jeans to make skinny legs look wider – bootcut is actually the most unflattering of all jean cuts, for men with skinny legs. It won’t make you look any bigger but the flare at the bottom of the leg will look sloppy.

Avoid this by… looking for jeans that fit your body such as a straight leg or a skinny fit. Take a look at this jeans guide to find the best one for your shape. 

Mistake 6: Wearing cargo shorts – these seem handy because you can fit so much in all the pockets. But, they are actually extremely dated and should be avoided at all costs.

Avoid this by… trying a slim chino for a more modern and less bulky look.

Mistake 7: Square-toed shoes – these shoes are clunky and awkward with a completely unflattering profile.

Avoid this by… sticking with classic wing tips and Oxfords.

Mistake 8: Black is the best colour choice for suits, shirts and shoes – many men think that black is best because it will go with everything – it won’t.

Avoid this by… For shoes that go with everything look for a nice medium brown brogue, in terms of suits you want a navy or charcoal and for the shirt, white is always better for versatility.