Tea Tree Oil has been around for quite a while now and we use it for so much, from treating spots to using as an essential oil in diffusers around the home. Many homes across the UK use Tea Tree Oil on the daily and so we’ve decided to put together a list of our favourite five Tea Tree based beauty tips.

Use: Homemade Scrubs

The Lowdown: Switching from shop-bought to homemade scrubs can be a bit of a life-changer. A simple sugar-based scrub is great for all over the body, including the face and feet.

This blog has some great sugar scrub ideas to get you started. When it comes to adding essential oil, be sure to use tea tree. Not only does it give off a great smell, it feels revitalising on the skin, especially on your feet. You can invite your pals around for a pedicure session and try out the scrub on then. Tea tree also has anti-bacterial properties meaning that your feet will be extra protected against unpleasant infections such as Athlete’s Foot.

Use: Combatting Spots

The Lowdown: Tea tree oil, when used in moderation is great for tackling pesky spots and it works fast to shrink the size of them. So, if you get an unexpected surprise right before a night out, grab your nearest bottle of tea tree and dab some on the affected area with a clean cotton bud. If you’re a teen too, it’s best to resist squeezing spots, if you put on the tea tree before bed, it will dry up before the morning and will just fall off meaning the bacteria isn’t getting spread around your face from squeezing. Team this routine with regular facials for glowing skin every day.

Use: Homemade Makeup Remover

The Lowdown: How much do you spend every month on makeup remover? Or wipes for that matter. Creating your own makeup remover is not only better for the environment (yes, wipes are terrible for the world’s oceans) it’s also more natural and avoids the use of harsh chemicals on the skin.

All you need to do is mix around 100ml of coconut oil with 15-20 drops of tea tree oil to create an ideal remover for combination to dry skin. The tea tree will kill off the build-up of any bacteria on your face throughout the day and the oil simply melts away all the makeup. Be sure to check reviews of the best tea tree oil for your skin type over at monederosmart.com – yes, there are a lot of options!

Use: Dandruff Eliminator

The Lowdown: Do you suffer from dandruff but don’t want to be using harsh shampoos on your hair that can strip the colour and dry it out further? Then you’re in luck. Tea tree oil is said to moisturise your hair and scalp and can eliminate the root cause (some pun intended) of dandruff. Just add a few drops to your head prior to washing, on damp hair. Alternatively, you can mix the drops in with your shampoo.

Use: Treating Psoriasis and Associated Scarring

The Lowdown: We’ve all heard that sunshine can be a great healer for Psoriasis but what if it’s the middle of winter and you don’t really want to expose yourself to the harsh UV rays of sunbeds? Well, that’s where the tea tree oil comes in.

As a Psoriasis sufferer myself, I can confirm that the itchiness associated with it just makes things a heck of a lot worse, however, just by dabbing some tea tree on the affected parts with cotton wool, I have found that the itching is massively subdued. I usually team this up with my prescribed creams which reduce the size of the affected areas. Less itching means no scarring too…it’s a win-win!