Want to make yourself a bowl of popcorn and relax in front of a TV this weekend? If you want a cozy night spent with different movies high recognition factor, which is not the classic romantic comedy where everything is about finding the man of one’s life, then we have listed six titles available on Netflix, and one extra special that (we are sure about that) will interest you as well. You will find them below — choose one that inspires you the most!

Sometimes you just want to spend a day with a TV or the laptop watching wonderful movies that don’t make you think about everyday problems too much. At the same time, you might not be falling for yet another romantic Hollywood production with exactly the same dramaturgy. You know that scenario too well: a girl meets a guy, someone falls in love, some mishaps happen — but in the end, they live happily ever after. That’s why we went through some of the Netflix offers to put together a list of its six best movies that don’t show the stereotypical image of women but make relevant statements and show this part of the society from different and exciting perspectives.

Sometimes the main characters in these movies meet someone and stay with them in the end, sometimes they don’t (we obviously don’t want to spoil!). But regardless of the ending, the movies from our recommendations list show a more realistic picture of everyday life with a significantly greater recognition factor. In other words: time to stock up on the popcorn and make yourself nice and snug on the couch — get ready for a wonderful movie marathon!

Someone Great

When music journalist Jenny surprisingly gets dumped, she has to move on her own. But first, there is an unforgettable adventure with her best friends awaiting her. The fact that the movie also excels in humorously analyzing stereotypes and criticizing the classic Hollywood cast is nothing but a big plus.

The Incredible Jessica James

“It’s never too early to question the system,” explains Jessica James as she gives her friend’s child a book on how to crush patriarchy. Here’s a woman who doesn’t apologize for herself. Once she does, she ends it excitingly as if riding the best electric bike under 2000 down the hill and starts being awesome instead, as Barney Stinson had said. If you want to see a character that is neither a perfect supporting role nor the portrayal of a failed and desperate woman (you know, the way women are often portrayed in movies), then it’s time to click play on this Jessica movie.

Nappily Ever After

When a perfectionist advertising manager gets into trouble with love life, she embarks on a journey to discover herself, starting with a radical change of hairstyle. Building an entire movie around the theme of hair and hairstyles may, at first glance, seem superficial. But this movie raises important issues about women’s representation, racism, and an ideal that causes many black women to spend both time and money on their hair-management. In other words, this is a very interesting movie that made many to be proud of them having finally seen it.

Isn’t It Romantic

If you’re not in the mood for a classic romantic comedy, you might instead want to check out a one where all the clichéd elements of romantic are enhanced to a thousand? Rebel Wilson makes yet another appreciated role interpretation in this movie, where she hits her head and wakes up in a completely different world. There, she is picked on by model-looking men, and her modest lair has turned into a luxurious apartment, there is another song sounding every minute and involving her in a dance and making here…hate everything.

Wine Country

A girl gang celebrating the 50th birthday on a wine-marinated trip to Napa Valley — what could possibly go wrong? In this Saturday Night Live-packed comedy, the number of male roles is down to a minimum, and we love it! And, what we also see in both Amy Poehler and Tina Fey is not entirely wrong.

Girls Trip

During an annual festival in New Orleans, four friends get a long-awaited reunion. Of course, not everything goes as they intended. With, among others, Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith in the lead roles, we get to take part in gross jokes, unusual activities, and, yes, let’s say unexpected humor in unexpected places that are often prohibited for kids movies.

And now, our Bonus Tip!


What was initially meant to document two singles’ everyday life and dating life in today’s Tinder and narrow-minded society, became a documentary about young people’s relationships and unrequited love instead. In focus are Edvin and Naomi, who are met by chance and talk incredibly open about their thoughts, their feelings for each other, and have a development of their relationships right in front of the camera.

So, that’s it! It’s time to press a play button and enjoy your evening to the fullest.