An office chair should be seen as an important investment as you are likely to be using it for prolonged periods of time and therefore need it to offer you a good level of support and durability. Using a comfortable office chair can provide many working benefits both in terms of health and wellbeing and productivity. There is a wonderful range of office chairs from Office Reality, here we take a look at some of the key benefits of investing in a comfortable office chair that offers support, comfort and is suited to your working needs.


A comfortable office chair has a direct and significant impact on levels of productivity and the creation of effective and sustained workflow. An office chair that offers a high level of adaptability and a range of adjustment options will help you to create and maintain a comfortable sitting style as you work.


A chair that offers spine support will help you to maintain the correct posture as you work, and this will prevent back and neck ache. Look for a chair that offers ergonomic support, especially around the lower back area. A well designed back will also help you to sit correctly in relation to your desktop and this will help you to avoid straining your muscles. Read more about the benefits of having a good posture


A well designed, comfortable chair will help you to maintain good circulation, and this is a key consideration when you are sitting for long periods of time. A comfortable chair will prevent leg cramp and make your working day more effective.


When you are comfortable you are more likely to be in a positive mood and this leads to higher motivation when it comes to your work. A good level of motivation not only makes you more productive, but also leads to greater work satisfaction and this has a positive impact on your mental health.

Energy levels

The physical state of your body is directly linked to your mental state and your energy levels. A comfortable and well designed chair will keep you alert throughout the working day and will help you to defeat mental fatigue and wavering concentration as you work from the morning and through into the afternoon.


A chair that is designed to allow air to circulate through and around it will help you to maintain a comfortable body temperature when you are working. Mesh chairs are a good option when it comes to temperature and comfort as they help you to maintain a good level of airflow and keep you cool when needed. Equally, a well padded chair made from good quality materials will trap your body heat and keep you warm as you work.

Working stamina

The more comfortable you are, the longer you will be able to sit and work for. With more time spent working comes greater work output and this will help you work more effectively through your tasks and the problems that you encounter.