Beauty is all about personal choice. It’s whatever makes you look and feel confident. From makeup to skincare and hairstyle, if it works for you, flaunt it! But sometimes, there’s just no inspiration. Do you find yourself staring in the mirror, trying to refresh your hairstyle, or to spark some glow into your skin, but just don’t know where to start? You’re not alone!

Refreshing your look can seem like a chore, and an expensive one at that, but in fact, it doesn’t have to be. A simple change here and there can sometimes make a world of difference to the way you look. Whether it’s making use of the products you have or investing in a new one, you can spark some joy back into your beauty routine.


Get a natural skin glow

Foundation for oily skin, or any skin type for that matter, isn’t the most glamorous of products in your makeup bag; it sure can give your skin a natural glow. Despite many living without a basic foundation to achieve a more simple look, it’s a staple to keep handy when you need to create a flawless yet natural face.

Whether you want to smooth out redness, cover up dark spots or just create a natural glow, it’s time to choose your first foundation or discover a new one. Everyone has different skin types, needs and goals, but once you choose the right one for you, remember to invest in a sponge to blend your foundation flawlessly.


Learn to do your own salon style blow dry

Bored of your wash-and-go look? With a few simple tricks, you can get a professional style, or close to it, right from the comfort of your bedroom. Stylists employ a number of simple techniques with the hairdryer to get your hair looking and feeling top-class, and while not all of them are possible for novices, some are.

The trick? Good old fashioned hair rollers! If your hair is lacking a bit of volume or body, give your hair a spritz with some hairspray, divide it into sections and roll each section under with self-grip hair rollers.. Give your hair a once-over with the hairdryer, let it cool and then unravel your rollers for a gorgeously natural wave.


Try out a statement nail colour

Nail art sure is a skill, but you don’t need to have an artistic masterpiece of colours and glitter on your hands for your nails to be interesting and contribute to your look. If you’re tired of no colour, classic French or nude, give a bold colour a go.

We’re heading into winter, and there are many statement colours to test out to give your look a new season redo. Take a trip to your local salon or spa, and test out a few bolder colours to see which match you best! Think dark, moody reds, forest greens and even dark oceanic blues.


Change up your hair parting

Nothing could be as simple but as refreshing as a parting change. A lot of us get very comfortable with the way our hair falls, and changing that can seem scary. But, the change could make a world of difference to how your hair looks.

The middle parting has made a comeback, so if your side parting is starting to feel stale, take a comb and find some middle ground. Or, if your hair is very fine, switching from a middle parting to a side parting can actually give you some extra volume. If you’re feeling adventurous, wash your hair and see how it falls naturally, without forcing it into a specific direction and you might be surprised!


Don a new accessory

While no one wants to look as if they’re back in the school playground, a new hair tie, clip, bow or Alice band can lift your look in an instant. A carefully selected hair accessory can finish off a look just as much as a new clutch bag, as long as you find a colour and style that suits your hair type.

Plus, if you have a few hair accessories stashed away, you can mix, match and swap them out to suit different outfits, moods or hair days!


Find a new lip colour

Red will always be in, but if it’s just not you, there is a world of lip colour waiting to be discovered. A new colour, bold or natural, can finish off a nighttime look or give your face some extra colour during the day.

Whether it’s a lip balm, matte lipstick, or lip oil, a colour change on your lips can be just as refreshing or transformative as a new hairstyle. If you’re into bold colours, don’t be afraid to try a nude, and if you’re into naturals, don’t be afraid to don a bright colour at your next social gathering.


Go for a new hairstyle

Speaking of hairstyles, if you’re ready for something a bit more radical, there’s no harm in getting your hairdresser to flex their styling muscles. That doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel and choosing a new hairdo that won’t be manageable for your hair type or schedule. You could cut a fringe, add in some layers or even invest in a treatment to give your hair that extra nourishment and shine.

With the end of a busy year and a new season fast approaching, we often crave physical change. But that change doesn’t have to be dramatic or expensive to transform the way you look and feel.