Anyone who lives in an apartment will attest how great they are to live in. Everything you need is within walking distance, there are no stairs between rooms, and they’re easy to decorate. What’s not to love?

But these areas are also famed for their lack of space. True, in comparison to a house, they can seem incredibly small. But this is their only shortcoming.

Luckily, there are simple, effective and affordable ways to make one look bigger. Let’s explore five of them.


When it comes to heightening indoor openness, natural light can be hugely effective. It can be tricky, however, to do this for an apartment. Especially because this type of abode doesn’t typically have windows in the porch or bathroom.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to overcome this. When they’re not in use, leave all doors that connect these rooms to the rest of the property to maximise the flow of light throughout.

This will enhance how spacious your home feels. It could even benefit your health.


Mirrors often help in improving the spaciousness of any building. So, they can really benefit a small area like an apartment.

Whichever size or style you choose, this item could revolutionise your home. What’s more, furniture specialists like Cox & Cox make finding the right piece easy and fun.

Big, small or medium, a mirror will expand your living space.

White Walls

Because they reflect natural light, white walls often induce a roomy feel within an indoor area. Widely considered as a ‘clean’ colour, a predominantly white room can elicit a deep sense of tranquillity from those who enter it. In turn, its calming vibes will add to its airy charm.

To enhance this effect, select the purest shade available – the brighter the tone, the bigger – and more peaceful – your apartment will seem.

Accent Wall

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When it comes to enlarging our visual perception of a room, an accent wall can go a long way. Doing this doesn’t just guarantee more space; it also gives us home owners the chance to have some fun with decorating!

We can embellish this feature as much or as little as we desire. You could even use this opportunity to unleash your creative side.

And if you don’t have the time to plan or design, don’t worry. There are plenty of ideas for inspiration online.

It seems that adding space to an apartment has never been more exciting!

Avoid Fabric Prints

We all love a good fabric print. But when placed within a small room, it can reduce our perception of its size. Likewise, heavy textures – such as wool – produce this effect.

Instead of prints, why not consider enlivening your newly enlarged space through your choice of curtain, furniture and rug colour? Consider the psychological impacts of different shades to open out your home even more. Blue, for example, induces calm, and so could amplify the sense of airiness in the property.

It has never been easier, cheaper or more enjoyable to make an apartment look bigger. By following these tips, you can make the most of your home and fall in love with it all over again.