In today’s world of so many social media platforms, some are more equal than others or rather are gaining more traction than the rest. While they all offer the opportunity to socialize, they do it in different ways and some do it better than others. one of the social media platforms that do this better than most is Instagram which boasts over 1.7 billion users and growing.

The appeal of Instagram is not random considering it provides users with several ways to engage with each other along with different features in those options to cater to individuals and businesses. With photos, videos and editing options, there is something for everyone to engage with followers and gain followers. Understandably, some content is better than others. depending on the type of followers sought after, there are some generic ways to ensure they find your content and are attracted to it. You may be considering joining Instagram but are not sure how to engage users. Here are some tips. 

Use influencers

The popular kids of Instagram are the influencers. If you want to get popular on it, you have to get with the popular kids. Influencers have over time gained a large following on Instagram within their niches. The users that are within those niches esteem them highly and will take consume whatever they post without asking too many questions. Many influencers used growth services in order to get more real Instagram followers, so that is also an alternative if you are willing to try it out. However, the followers of influencers trust them enough to follow where they lead. Partnering with influencers can help push your page to the next level. They can assist in creating branded content or create hashtags that will bring more engagement and followers to your page. They are a great way to work with already established rapport with users on Instagram.

Use hashtags

Have you ever been on a journey and had to search on a GPS for a specific place? You may have searched a specific landmark nearby which would bring you closer to your desired destination. Similarly, on Instagram, hashtags are your GPS to similar content and similar followers. You may be looking for users into travel on beaches, into health and fitness and into dining out at great restaurants. Hashtags will be your guide. They are not only helpful for finding your tribe on Instagram but they once you find these users, you can take notes on the kind of content that they love and either reuse the same content or create similar content. Additionally, you can use your own branded hashtags that are specific to your brand. Though that may be riskier, it may be what gets your page to get viral. The easier route is, when in Rome, to do as the Romans do.

Post user-generated content

Content is the name of the game on Instagram. Many users are looking for the same breakthrough you may be looking for and may have tried and failed more than you have until they got a working formula. These users have content that has already garnered attention which you can recycle on your page for similar attention. The advantage to this is that other Instagram users are already familiar with it and will be drawn to it easier than content that may be new and unknown. Familiarity is better than novelty in some cases on Instagram.


You are not on Instagram just to stare at content and walk away. It is important to engage through comments, likes, sharing content and direct messages in some cases. People want to know that there is an actual person with emotions and responses behind an account, so you should engage to increase your Instagram followers. The more active you are within certain niches and content, the more attention you draw to your account and potentially, followers.

Post often

People are on Instagram daily and always on the lookout for new and interesting content. Therefore, your page needs to have consistent and interesting content. Posting one to three times a day is sufficient. Doing may be difficult and time consuming. You can simplify that by having a content plan and scheduling posts in advance so that they will be up automatically.


With these tips, drawing and maintaining the attention of users that may become followers will become much easier than going at it green. Try them out and watch your page grow.