There is nothing like a well-curated jewellery collection to brighten up your outfits as we move into the colder months. Your look will be instantly transformed with a peak of gold chain beneath your knitwear, a stack of dainty studs paired with a statement hoop or a selection of cute bracelets draped beneath your leather overshirt. Jewellery is the cherry on top of every outfit, effortlessly pulling your looks together and giving your style some personality. There’s a jewellery trend to suit just about everyone this season and we’ve put them together in a handy guide that will inspire you to add some sparkle to your everyday looks. We’ve picked out 5 trends that will be relevant for seasons to come so you’ll be wearing your new jewellery purchases for the long haul. 


Revived straight from the nineties, padlocks have had a modern and sophisticated update, becoming one of this season’s most-loved trends. You will get endless wear out of a padlock necklace, the symmetrical design makes it the perfect layering piece but you’ll look equally as stylish wearing it alone. You have the choice of chunky statement padlock necklaces or ones of a more subtle and delicate nature so you can experiment with this gorgeous trend no matter what your style is. We guarantee it’s going to be the necklace that becomes a part of you, the one you’ll never want to take off!

Celestial designs

As the evenings draw in and the night sky starts appearing at 4pm, we have the silver lining of the celestial jewellery trend to brighten our style! Moon and star jewellery designs are not only beautiful but they’re also very meaningful. We’ve all seen (or got!) effortlessly cool moon and star tattoos doodled over our bodies, many women choose these designs because females have a close connection to the moon – it inspires female empowerment while stars are a symbol of hope. If you’re not ready for the commitment of a tattoo or just want your jewellery to help you feel inspired and empowered each day, a simple celestial necklace ticks all the boxes. 

Personalised pieces

Personalised jewellery has become even more special with our ‘new normal’ of rarely seeing our loved ones. This is the reason this sentimental trend has become so popular and why we’re choosing to wear the initial of someone significant in our lives rather than our own initials. Whether it’s your partner, best friend, children or parents you want to keep close, a piece of personalised jewellery will give you that special, warm feeling each time you wear it and help you feel connected from afar to someone significant. This simple and understated jewellery trend can be worn on bracelets, necklaces or even anklets. Wear a single initial or stack up multiple charms to celebrate each important person in your life. 

Mixing metals

Not long ago, mixing metals was a complete style faux pas but somehow, all of a sudden it looks effortlessly cool. We all want that kind of style that looks thrown on yet elegantly curated and if done right, mixing metals gives us that look that we’ve been striving for. Start out simple with a delicate silver chain layered with your favourite gold necklace. Once you’ve got your confidence, try out more combinations until you’re mixing metals to your heart’s content.

Themed ear stacks

Having a multiple piercings is increasingly becoming the norm and we can’t resist the look of a beautifully curated ear stack. Whether you want to go minimal and team up elegant, dainty studs or inspiration from the celestial theme and stack up moon and star earrings this trend can be tailored to your personal style. We recommend finding one statement earring with a motif you love then start building a story around it. The ear party look is perfect for the colder days where you’re in your huge knits and need that little touch of sparkle to pull your outfit together. 

We’re obsessed with all of these versatile trends and love that we can tailor each one to our own personal style. Now is the perfect time to experiment with these trends to find your go-to jewellery pieces that will become the staple of your wardrobe.