Sporting activities are great for keeping you fit, offering entertainment, and relieving stress. And because you are self-isolating due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, finding a sport that keeps you active is a great idea. There are lots of fantastic sports activities that women could engage in without necessarily leaving the comfort of their home. In collaboration with we created a list of some sports to do at home, or at your backyard or garden (if you have one).


If you have the pleasure of having a swimming pool at your home or living in an apartment that has one, swimming is the perfect sport for you. Not only is it relaxing and enjoyable, but it also comes with a lot of health benefits. To start with, swimming will help you burn those extra calories that you might have gained.

Swimming further helps to massage your body and lifts off strain from your joints after long hours of working, standing, or sitting. Moreover, researchers have established that swimming relieves mental stress and restores good moods. As such, it helps you unwind after a stressful day of work.

Tai Chi

After those stressful days, all you need as a woman is a good state of mind as well as perfect physical health. Tai Chi is the complete package for such. It is a form of martial art that combines movement and relaxation.

It is meditation in motion since it involves a series of graceful and relaxing movements. It not only helps your mind unwind and release stress but also maintains your body balance.

You could sign up for online Tai Chi classes and learn from the comfort of your home or even hire a specialist to teach you from home. Furthermore, there are lots of Tai Chi programs in local health clubs and community centers. If you had attended these classes, this is the time to practice at home.

Racket Games: Table tennis, badminton, Racquetball and Squash

There are a variety of racket games that, as a lady, you could engage in at the comfort of your home. However, these games require company. Hence they offer a great platform not only for your leisure but family fun.

You can play badminton, racquetball, and squash in your backyard with your family or compete in a game of table tennis indoors. While partaking of such sports is healthy for your body, it also helps boost good family relations, and such is perfect for mental health. I mean, you can have peace of mind and focus on your job better if your family has good relations.


Basketball is a fun and engaging sport that will push you to the limits. Think of it as a way to break a sweat for the sake of fitness, both mental and physical. If you have a spacious back yard or a big gymnasium, you could install a one-basket court.

You can engage your family members in shooting contests or play around on your own.  It helps you to relieve stress while burning excess calories.

Disc Games: Frisbee and Disc Dog

Frisbee is another exciting sport that you could engage in at home. It is fun-filled, a stress reliever, and offers you a chance to bond with your family. The game entails throwing and catching a disc-shaped object across each other.

Disc dog, on the other hand, means throwing and catching only this time with your pet dog. It is exciting and engaging as well; however, you are limited to the role of a thrower while your dog is the catcher.

These games, however, require a large backyard.

Key Takeaways

Regardless of the current pandemic and lockdown in many countries, you can still enjoy sports. You will have lots of fun, exercise, and stress-free time. So, try Tai Chi, basketball, disc games, racket games, or swimming to make quarantine a breeze.