Fancy taking up yoga but don’t know where to start? We hear you. Yoga comes in many form – hot, flow, vinyasa, yin, we could rattle off another ten here – but finding one that’s suitable can be hard. Eleni Plakitsi, founder of the no subscription fee, fitness-on-demand app, Esquared, has listed her top 5 yoga studios in London suitable for downward dog newbies.

1. For Hot Yoga: Fierce Grace

The Lowdown: Don’t be deterred by the ‘hot yoga’ part: Fierce Grace, with locations across the capital, offer a wide range of classes for those wanting to take up yoga. No matter what level, this yoga space is clean and spacious with a clear manifesto for its users: ‘there are no limitations’. Users of all levels are invited to join in on most of Fierce Grace’s classes, and it offers tailored classes for beginners who are just starting their yoga journey.

Where: Locations here 

2. For Yoga Suitable For All: TriYoga

The Lowdown: TriYoga is undoubtedly a one-stop destination for all things yoga. With six locations around London, users can choose the yoga, pilates or a mediation session that is right for them. Years of experience and collaborations with top yoga instructors guarantee that TriYoga is at the pinnacle of yoga expertise and variety, and the company  is consistently one step ahead when it comes to workshops as well as teacher training workshops.

Where: Locations here 

3. For Low Impact Yoga: FLY LDN

The Lowdown: FLY LDN has consciously stripped yoga down to the basics of form and movement and is ideal for those who want a no-frills relationship with their flexibility workout. In their yoga session, users are expected to stretch and bind to FLY LDN’s expert flow classes in front of an immersive full wall video screen to the tunes of tailored playlists that ensure that this yoga class is a new experience and a trend to watch out for.

Where: Fibi House, 24 Creechurch Ln, London EC3A 5EH

4. For Personalised Yoga Classes: Frame King’s Cross

The Lowdown: Frame has six locations around London and one of them is fully dedicated to yoga. Their standalone yoga studio in King’s Cross is a prime location boasting Lululemon yoga mats and accessories as well as House of Hackney wallpaper to bring in the zen. Classes are easy to book online and users can not only try the beginner classes, but can broaden their yoga horizons with classes such as ‘anti-desk yoga’ or ‘rocket yoga’ for those who want to make their yoga practice more personalised.

Where: Unit 3 Arthouse, Handyside Park, Wharf Road, King’s Cross London N1C 4AS

5. For Light and Sound: Chroma Yoga

The Lowdown: The title only begins to tell the story as Chroma Yoga is based on an innovative multi-sensory approach to what is traditionally known as yoga practice. Its founder, Nina Ryner, wanted a more creative outlet to fitness, one that would bridge the gap between the inner and outer experience so she came up with Chroma Yoga, a practice that combines light, sound and natural scent. These elements are meticulously sewn together to seamlessly bathe the yoga studio and create an immersive environment tailored for the specific yoga class.

Where: 45 Charlotte Rd, London EC2A 3DP