When you bring your office to the home, the space becomes an extension of your business and work. As such, anything you can add to boost your productivity and efficiency should be welcomed.

In this post we look at some of our favourite gadgets to help you create the ideal home office environment, stay focused and work to your potential. 

1. DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle

What: Working can now be combined with a work out. The Desk Cycle fits under your desk and allows you to exercise whilst continuing to answer emails and meet deadlines. With eight levels of magnetic resistance you can choose the intensity of your ride. The Desk Cycle comes with a linked display that you can have on your desk. Complete with progress logging and Fitbit compatibility.

Why: A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a host of health issues, and it can be difficult to offset these. The MayoClinic highlights some of these risks. By using a Desk Cycle it reduces the amount of time that is spent sitting still by increasing energy expenditure. 

Not only can exercise improve health, it can help to increase productivity. Studies have shown that whilst you exercise your body produces endorphins that can help to lift your mood, whilst reducing stress hormones. In addition, your circulation will improve as you exercise your lower limbs. Although it won’t replace a trip to the gym, having a cycle whilst you work will help you feel energized and focused.

2. Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

What: Breathe easy with the Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier with carbon and True HEPA filters. With PlasmaWave™ Technology, four fan speeds and air quality indicator, your home office will benefit from clean allergen free air. 

Why: Too many working days can be lost due to illness, and air quality can be a factor in this. The Winix 5500-2 purifier filters the air, removing dust, smoke, pollen, and allergens. This will provide a suitable environment for working and boosting productivity.

3. SteelCase Leap Office Chair

What: Work in comfort at home with the Steelcase Leap Office chair, offering custom adjustments to fit your size and shape. As you move, the LiveBack Technology will adjust to fit your new position, providing back support throughout the day. Ergo Trends called the Steelcase Leap one of the most comfortable chairs for people with back pain.

Why: Spending long hours at your desk can lead to long term pain and discomfort, from musculoskeletal conditions to circulation problems. This can lead to you becoming distracted from your task and reduce productivity as you strive to overcome the issue. 

By having a chair that supports you and adjusts to your exact fit, you will remove the external distractions and focus more. The SteelCase Leap offers the solution to provide you with this support and comfort. The chair has won many accolades, including Best of NeoCon.

4. Google Nest Learning Thermostat

What: A sleek and stylish ‘smart’ thermostat with a large, clear display and the ability to learn your habits and requirements. It will adjust settings based on what it has learned, keeping your environment at the optimum temperature. There is also proof that it can help you to save energy. In 2017, the Google Nest Learning Thermostat earned an energy star from the EPA.

Why: Productivity can drop when the room is either too hot or too cold. A study in Berlin found that cognitive performance was affected due to changes in temperature. By having the Google Nest Learning Thermometer, your working temperature will be optimized to suit your own needs and kept at a constant. Changes can be made without leaving your desk and your concentration will not be affected. 

5. VIVO Height Adjustable Stand up Desk

What: Go from sitting to standing in seconds with the Vivo Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk. With simple height adjustment and pneumatic lift, the desk has a large 36” by 22” surface area and separate keyboard tray with tilt.

Why: Sitting all day can lead to problems with circulation, shoulder and back pain. Transferring to a standing desk for eight hours a day could lead to further problems with foot or leg pain. Whilst you are in pain you are distracted, your stress levels can increase and your productivity can plummet. 

The Vivo stand up desk allows you to alternate between standing and sitting on demand. You will be able to stretch your muscles and find the balance that you need.


Your home office should be a relaxed, productive environment that you feel comfortable in. By introducing some of the gadgets reviewed you can increase your productivity and minimize any health issues.