You’ve probably heard of the adage: ‘It’s the thought that counts.’ It doesn’t matter if your gift to a loved one isn’t perfect, as long as your best intentions are clear and present.

But if you believe this, then you’re perhaps not taking the adage in its entire context. The ‘thought’ part of giving a gift also refers to the effort and consideration invested, taking the receiver’s wants and needs into account and going through the trouble of fulfilling some of them, if not all. In doing so, you can show your loved ones how important they are in your life.

Such efforts matter more if the one you’re giving to is female. As women are more concerned with showing their affection than men, according to a 1987 study, it also makes them more sensitive to the kind of present they receive. If you’re a female gifting a fellow female, it shouldn’t be a daunting task, as women are better at picking out gifts.

If you’re of the opposite gender, don’t be discouraged; it’s what this guide is for. Here are several birthday gift ideas the remarkable women in your life will surely appreciate:

Thank You Flowers

Flowers have a profound effect on one’s emotions. In 2005, scientists at Rutgers University found out that a well-meant bouquet can:

Elicit a genuine smile and improve one’s mood a few days after receiving it

Promote more positive attitudes in interacting with others than other factors

Improves mood and memory, especially among recipients ages 55 and over

Now, you can’t simply bunch some random flowers together and call it a day. Not only will it look less appealing, but your woman may also take that as complete laziness. There’s always the right flower for every occasion. For example, for her birthday in May, your thank you flowers can centre around lilies, which go well with an arrangement of dahlias, hyacinths, and tulips.

The best thing about a bouquet is that it’s not limited to special days like birthdays and weddings. Give one any time you feel indebted or grateful to your woman for staying by your side in sickness and health. ‘Just because’ is good enough of a reason to surprise her with thank you flowers.

A Full-Course Meal

The stomach may be the fastest way to a man’s heart, but a woman’s heart is no different. Whether slaving in the kitchen or treating her out to a lovely cafe in Soho, food and drink have rarely failed as presents. There’s more to a full-course meal than a filling sensation.

Researchers at Drexel University in 2015 discovered that women’s brains respond to love more on a full stomach than an empty one. The study’s authors said the findings were contrary to previous studies where rewards feel more satisfying when hungry. And the phenomenon works the same on women with a history of dieting.

Consider an alfresco setup when preparing your meals. Not only will open spaces reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus, but they can also treat diners to a view of the lovely outdoors. While alfresco works better during the day, the night offers its unique twist.

A Well-Deserved Break

Not all gifts have to be material. If your woman often has a lot on her plate every day, give her one day to kick back and relax. Give her a daylong ‘break pass’ by offering to do everything that needs doing around the house. Let her do the things she’s unable to do: shopping with friends, fitness or yoga sessions, facial at the salon, etc.

Life is too short to spend on making a living, no matter how much you need money. Taking a break helps reset your mind and focus better at work. People need a work-life balance more than before, and that goes for those working from home.

If she doesn’t have the means to engage in these leisurely activities, give her everything she needs. It can be some pocket cash or discount coupons for shopping, or perhaps buy her a session or two at the local gym. Encouraging her to take a break can show how much you really care.


Make no mistake: the thought of giving a gift still counts. However, sparing no effort to think and decide on the right gift can reinforce that thought. You’d want to establish the impression of being grateful to the woman in your life so that she appreciates anything you’d give her.