If you know us, you’ll know we love social media, and those trendy VSCO filters. If you don’t Instagram your food, did you really eat it? If you want to give us a follow, or throw us a few likes, here’s our social media accounts below:

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We can’t get enough of Twitter. If you want to keep up to date with events, latest articles and general office musings, follow the mag here. If soya cappuccinos and tweets about weird yoga trends rock you work, remember to follow Angelica here. And if you want to know what Alicia has been consuming lately (eggs, mainly), then give her a follow here.

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Love a sexy filter and photos of food? Say no more. Head on over to our Instagram page for all the team latest. Keep up to date with our travels, brunch adventures and new fitness concepts we’ve been discovering. There’s one thing we can all agree on: people really like photos of cake.

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Let’s not forget about good ol’ Facebook. We regularly update our Facebook page with new articles, and keep your eyes peeled for our event announcements. Give us a like here.

We did have a Myspace account, but our only friend was Tom.