This weekend marks King Charles royal coronation on Saturday 6th May; the whole country will be watching and finding different ways to celebrate the special occasion.

In light of this, I wanted to share the beautiful, incredibly special portraits by my mother, portrait painter Suzi Malin, of Her Majesty, the late Queen Elizabeth 11 and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The portraits are painted in tempera on gold leaf, for the royal treatment they deserve.

If you want to see Suzi’s work in-person, she is currently part of The GREAT campaign, which showcases the best of British across art, culture, science and music. The GREAT Campaign showcases the very best of the UK, inspiring the world to collaborate, visit, study, live, work and do business with Great Britain.

You can see her famous portrait of Elton John on golf leaf, which is one of the highlights of the National Portrait Gallery, as part of this campaign in Heathrow, Terminal 2. The National Portrait Gallery has created an installation of 5 stand-out portraits from their collection to feature as part of this campaign, and we’re incredibly proud that Suzi’s portrait of Elton John has been hand-selected as one of the most iconic, celebrated portraits in British culture. The portrait of Elton John is entitled ‘On the Throne’ and was created in 1977 to showcase this musical legend – it’s on display now.

When the newly refurbished National Portrait Gallery re-opens on June 23rd 2023, for the first time ever, prints of this iconic Elton John portrait will be available to purchase in the gift shop. Get your hands on them now and don’t forget to tweet us @jellymalin if you see the painting at Heathrow!