Another week, another chance to stock up on some healthy lunchbox essentials. We chomped our way through a whole load of healthy products to find ten things really worth your time and money this week – from tomato popcorn (yes, really) to gluten-free snacks, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what to purchase next time you nip into the Planet Organic post-pilates – happy snacking, chums:

1. For Vegan Chocolate: Pana 


What: Founded in mid-2012 by Pana Barbounis, Pana chocolate is handmade and packaged using vegan, organic ingredients with no gluten, soy,  no added sugar, and produced using minimal heat. They use hand picked cacao pods from Bolivia, coconut from the Philippines, and cold pressed cacao butter from Peru.

The Lowdown: The brand boasts 11 flavours including cinnamon, coconut and goji, fig and wild orange, nuts, and rose and sour cherry. The bars are smooth, rich, and silky, and something a little unexpected. Their new flavour, pineapple and ginger, contains 70% raw cacao with zesty pineapple and ginger essential oil. A zingy cacao cocktail of sorts.

Stockists: Order online 

2. For Boozy Sweeties: SugarSin 


What: Founders and sisters, Anna and Josefin have travelled the globe tasting countless varieties of sweets in a mission to create the most distinctive and moreish grown up gourmet confectionery that’s just as beautiful to look at as it is to taste.

The Lowdown: Currently re-launching their joyously colourful, uniquely modern and irresistibly scented Covent Garden Sweet Shop, SugarSin are now releasing a unique and enticing range of soft, gourmet Cocktail Gummies. The non-alcoholic, all natural and gluten free range includes the Classic Prosecco and sweetly tangy Fizzy Prosecco Gummies, made with real Italian Prosecco, as well as refreshing cocktail-inspired Cuba Libre Gummies, made with the perfect blend of spiced rum and bubbly cola.

Stockists: Selfridges, Lakeland and John Lewis

3. For a New Flavour: Baileys


What: Baileys is welcoming autumn with their new Pumpkin Spice, a delicious flavour to mark the changing of the seasons. Available only for the autumn months, the new variant combines the taste of Baileys Original Irish Cream with a unique, aromatic blend of autumnal spices.

The Lowdown: A favourite across the pond, with US sales of pumpkin-flavoured items reaching over $300m in recent years, pumpkin spice is beginning to tickle British tastebuds and the new Baileys flavour is leading the trend in the UK with its mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves to create the perfect autumnal treat.

Stockists: Supermarkets nationwide

4. For a Condiment: Clearspring 


What: Clearspring sell organic/premium quality Japanese and European foods skillfully prepared by artisan and professional producers. All Clearspring foods are vegan, free from dairy, added refined sugar and animal derivatives. And best of all, their products are made using environmentally sustainable and non-GM ingredients.

The Lowdown: The umami paste with ginger is the latest store cupboard must have. Traditionally made by adding a Koji culture to rice and leaving it to naturally ferment, the Umami is then mixed with soya sauce and ginger to create this incredibly versatile condiment.

Stockists: Order online 

5. For a New British Buy: Merchant Gourmet


What: If you thought the quinoa you regularly enjoyed came all the way from South America then, ordinarily, you’d be right, until now. Merchant Gourmet has launched a New British Quinoa, the first -home-grown quinoa to be widely available on our supermarket shelves.

The Lowdown: Expertly grown all over the UK, the collaboration with British farmers brings to market a more local, more sustainable quinoa product – created for those prefer the freedom that comes with cooking dried grains. Not only does the product help to support pioneering British farmers, its availability also helps to meet soaring demand for the ancient crop.

Stockists: Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s

6. For Savoury Popcorn: nom foods 


What: Nom’s mission is to provide natural, convenient healthy foods you can eat on the go. All nom foods products are organic, vegan, ethical and super tasty. Premiering in stores near you this month, the all-new and super savoury Tomato Pesto Popcorn is a must try for any foodie fan.

The Lowdown: The latest launch from nom foods is a true taste of Italian sunshine and can be enjoyed outside of the cinema. Gluten, dairy and nut free, the popcorn is 100% organic and really yummy. The new flavour joins the line up which features; Simply Salted, Salted Maple and Cinnamon Maple. Using wholegrain corn which is hand popped in the UK in artisan kettles, the new flavour stays true to the ethical values of nom foods.

Stockists: Ocado, as well as health food stores, cafés and gyms.

7. For a New Snack: Rude Health 


buckwheat-chiaWhat: Rude Health are all about living the good life. They may be known for their nut milks (About Time are big fans of their cashew number), and granola, but they’re not all about breakfast goodies. The team have been busy and have expanded the range with their new snacking crackers. Top with anything your heart desires.

The Lowdown: Rude Health‘s latest crackers are made with two simple but super ingredients – organic chia seeds and buckwheat. The perfect crunchy super-scoopers with a little something on them, or even bare-naked straight from the pack. Buckwheat is a pseudo gain, more closely related to rhubarb than to wheat. It makes a rough, dark and ‘gnarly’ looking cracker. Chia are tiny, Central American seeds bursting with energy which add extra bite. Together they make a cracker like nothing else we’ve ever tasted.

Stockists: Waitrose and Ocado

8. For a Little Spice: Jimmy Ginger’s 


What: Caprera is the largest network of independent food and drink producers in the UK. After a successful trial period, the marketplace has now officially launched, targeting people who care about the quality and traceability of their food. Caprera sets high standards for its producers, all of whom are vetted and handpicked against select criteria. They operate a series of strict policies that includes a ban on the use of artificial substances, GMOs and synthetic growth hormones. 

The Lowdown: Our favourite product from the new online marketplace is Jimmy Ginger’s chilli sauce. This beautiful creation is made with vine-ripened tomatoes, onions, sweet pepper and home grown chillies, this delectable sauce lends itself well to a variety of uses. It can be used to add a spicy twist to any dish, like cheese on toast, stir fries, soups and chilli.

Stockists: Buy here 

9. For Asian Flavours: Thai Taste 


What: Thai food is known and loved around the world, with staples like green and red curries, sweet and hot chilli dipping sauces, and satay marinades becoming increasingly popular. But, believe it or not, Thai food is not just about these enduringly popular dishes. Thai Taste, makers of authentic Thai ingredients, stock a wide range of Thai products – from pastes to curry kits and lots more.

The Lowdown: Tamarind is used as a souring agent in Thai food – you might recognise it as the secret ingredient in Worcester Sauce! This is not to be confused for the sweet Tamarind in Indian cooking – this sticky fruit has an unmistakeably sharp taste. Tamarind is crucial for cooking the perfect Pad Thai, and is commonly paired with fish in Thai cooking. Tamarind’s packed full of vitamins (C, E and B) and is bursting with dietary fibre – brilliant for supporting good digestive health.

Stockists: Asda, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Tesco

10. For a Limited Edition Yogurt: The Collective 


What: The Collective  is proud to announce the launch of their Honeyed Plum and Stem Ginger Limited Edition gourmet yoghurt to raise money for The Community Heartbeat Trust, following co-founder Mike Hodgson’s tragic death last year from a sudden cardiac arrest.

The Lowdown: Inspired by one of Mike’s favourite fruits, which he always had for breakfast, the Honeyed Plum ‘n’ Stem Ginger Limited Edition features The Collective’s signature thick and creamy yoghurt with a double layer of British Victoria plum conserve, infused with Mexican orange blossom honey and warmed with a kick of crystallised stem ginger.

Stockists: Ocado, Spar, Tesco and Booths