I must confess: I recently lost my appetite for wings.

I’d never thought I’d be able to admit that, let alone out in public. After all, a wing reviewer who can’t eat wings is like a car without wheels. Useless. I felt ashamed.

But the Weekly Wang is a safe space, and it’s a relief to now disclose this to you, my fellow wing fans. It’s a sad but true tale; after a recent rough patch, my taste for wings was soured. Luckily, after a few weeks of intense Hygge, hot yoga and avocado on toast, my chi has well and truly returned, and I’m back on the path of enlightenment (aka finding the best wings in London).

So to ease myself back in, the sixth Weekly Wang visits one of the nation’s favourite purveyor of chicken related products. Although claiming ‘Portuguese’ heritage, it’s as English as apple pie, and Her Majesty the Queen. This week, we took on Nando’s; the chicken shop popular with lads and ladettes across the capital.

Nando’s: The Facts 

Name: Nando’s

Location: Southbank

Opening Hours: When is Nando’s not open?

Time of Visit: Wednesday; 7:30pm

Weather: Too dark to tell

Wing of Choice: 10 wings

Nando’s: The Ratings

Presentation: Nando’s isn’t known for its prodigious presentation, and their plate of wings is further proof of this. Presentation is minimalist. Wings in a plain ceramic bowl. That’s it. No garnishes. No side sauce. No celery sticks.

The lack of sauce covering the wings was immediately noticeable and flagged as an issue. Luckily for Nando’s, their saving grace is their supply of bottled sauce on the side, so it’s an issue quickly resolved.


Nando’s: The Wings

Temperature and Texture: Wings arrived warm but weren’t steaming, which lead to some serious questions being asked about whether the wings were cooked fresh, or just re-heated?

Size: Small to medium sized drum and flats. Portion size is just about enough for a main.

Flavour: Nando’s peri peri sauces are legendary. However, the heat of them can often get in the way of the flavour. Happy to report that the flame grilled taste of the chicken does come through though.

Heat: I had medium heat, which was hot enough to give me the hiccups. However, this may have actually been the result of me eating them at an unhealthy speed (remember I’d been starved of wings for weeks), or over-saucing the wings. I’m not sure the latter exists though…

Accessories: No accessories what so ever. Absolutely shocking behaviour. No bin for discards and a small glass for water, which meant plenty of refills were needed. This isn’t ideal when your hands are finger lickin’ messy.

Cost: £10.95 for ten wings. Generally I find Nando’s to be quite expensive. Their wings followed suit.

Extra: You don’t get extras at Nando’s unless you pay for them.


Nando’s: The Bottom Line

You always know what you’re getting with Nando’s, but their wings aren’t cheeky enough for my liking.