DIY kits are still happening people (not just a lockdown fad), and we’re pleased to report there’s a new kit on the block.

Kombucha brand Nexba has teamed up with Dough-Re-Me Pizza Kits for a sugar-free spin on the nation’s most-loved fast food. With many hidden sugars typically found in pizza toppings and sauces, Nexba is helping everyone to enjoy everyday dishes free from added sugar – without compromising on taste.

The limited-edition pizza kit includes an exclusive charcoal activated dough – with charcoal featuring good for the gut and immune-boosting qualities –  completely sugar-free tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese toppings. We’re sure you’re probably thinking sugar-free pizza is probably not your bag, but having rustle up this masterpiece in our own kitchen (and it looking more chef’s kiss than year 7 food tech), you’re in for a right doughy treat.

With step-by-step instructions, you can become a pizza pro in minutes (20 if you’re wondering), and you’ll also receive two cans of complimentary Nexba Mixed Berry or Mango Kombucha.

Ideal for cosy winter evenings, date night or just a break from the festive food, the pizza kits can be purchased on a Wednesday and enjoyed on a Sunday.

For more information or to buy a kit, see here.