If you’d rather eat pancakes than make them, we hear you. Put down the whisk, and get ordering some sweet wonders from a selection of London restaurants. Knives and forks at the ready:

1. For a Limited Edition Pancake: Mark Greenaway x The James St Collective

The Lowdown: This Pancake Day award-winning chef Mark Greenaway, in collaboration with The James St Collective, has created a mind-blowingly delicious, one-off pancake for delivery across London. Topped with whipped crème fraîche and toffee apple, and available for delivery via Deliveroo from 15th – 21st February only, Mark’s battered-based bites are sure to be the talk of the town among all pancake lovers.

Where: Available via Deliveroo

2. For Pancakes in the Post: Crepe Affaire 

The Lowdown: Whether you like to stack ‘em or roll ‘em, Crêpe Affaire’s brand-new nationwide postal pancake kits with next day delivery come packed with everything you need to celebrate in style. The DIY Pancake Mix Kit is perfect for those who fancy getting their hands dirty and comes with 250g of luxury house-blend pancake mix (enough for around 10 crêpes), Nutella, strawberry and toffee sauce, sprinkles, marshmallows and Oreo pieces. If you’re more of an artiste than a chef, opt for the DIY Pancake Kit, which includes six perfectly golden house-made crêpes and all of the toppings included in the Mix kit.

Where: Order here 

3. For Decadent Pancakes: Polo Bar 

The Lowdown: Liverpool Street’s favourite cafe has launched a series of specials to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. From the nostalgic to the downright decadent, the menu features OTT options such as apple pie and custard pancakes (extra slice of apple pie optionable), banoffee and lotus biscuit two-ways, alongside firm favourites including the OG cookies and cream featuring a shed ton of Oreos.

Where: Available for delivery via Deliveroo and Uber Eats as well as click and collect from Polo Bar

4. For Pancake Specials: The Breakfast Club 

The Lowdown: The Breakfast Club have gone flippin’ mental with their special takeaway pancake menu. Alongside notable fan favourites (blueberries and bacon, and berries and cream), you can also tuck into two new specials. Introducing the Damn Fine Cheery Pie (a stack of cherry pancakes, cherry compote, a cherry ripple and vanilla custard cream with Biscoff crunch) and the Mississipi Mud Pie Pancakes (chocolate pancakes with roasted macadamia nuts, white and dark chocolate chunks, topped with salted caramel, white chocolate cream and roasted macadamias). Be hungry, they’re huge.

Where: Deliveroo

5. For Chocolate Covered Pancakes: Creams Cafe

The Lowdown: Creams Cafe has left no stoned unturned when it comes to their pancake offering. The menu comprises Red Velvet Burrito –red velvet cake with white chocolate sauce and white chocolate shavings, rolled in a hot fresh crepe and a hot berry compot). Taking things to the next level, the Crepe of Bueno comes topped with white hazelnut spread, milk or white Kinder Bueno, white chocolate shavings, a scoop of Creams Bueno Gelato and topped with a Creams wafer, or, if you’re a tradionalist, opt for the classic pancakes with sugar and lemon.

Where: Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat