Need some healthy lovin’ in your life? Say no more. From dairy-free baking kits to a new turmeric juice – here’s 5 foodie products you need to try this week. Let’s get shopping:

Healthy Food Products: For a Drink

1. Love Kombucha 

What: Already a phenomenon in North America, kombucha is healthy, low in sugar, and packed full of beneficial enzymes and probiotics. And with Love Kombucha leading the way, it’s now making waves in the UK too. After struggling to find readily available kombucha on the market back in 2013, founder Melanie decided to take matters into her own hands, and make her own.

Why: Kombucha is an organic soft drink made by fermenting tea. The natural fermentation process leaves it packed with good stuff; healthy bacteria, beneficial yeast, and no nasties. Love Kombucha is refreshingly tart, and is available in a range of different flavours including ginger, ginger and lime, and blueberry.

Stockists: Planet Organic, Wholefoods and independent shops

Healthy Food Products: For a Cake Kit

2. Thrively Superfood Baking Mix


What: Think the ease and deliciousness of a Betty Crocker mix, but super healthy. You can make homemade looking muffins in literally minutes using the Thrively mixes. Just call us Deliciously About Time (please don’t sue us). Whether you choose chocolate and maca, baobab, or lucuma and coconut, we promise you’ll be happy. You can also add your own ingredients to pimp out your muffin – try addding a handful of blueberries and rasberries to the lucuma and coconut mix. Divine.

Why: Made with fibre-rich, wholegrain flours, unrefined coconut sugar and nutrient dense superfoods like maca, chia, and lucuma, Thrively is perfect for those with intolerances to gluten and dairy, and even those who crave a less sickly afternoon treat.

Stockists: Order online here

Healthy Food Products: For Dairy-Free Goodness

3. Nush


What: We’ve had soya, we’ve had coconut, but Nush have introduced a new game changing yogurt. For the first time, Nush has created a soya- free, dairy free, protein-rich nut milk yoghurt. These little yogs blend the best quality avola almonds from Sicily with probiotics cultures for a thick, creamy satisfying result. They come in four flavours: natural, blueberry, peach melba and caramel, and hibiscus (think a flowery salted caramel).

Why: Because almonds are the nut of the moment, they have the highest concentration of nutrients per gram than any other nut. It’s perfect for vegans, those wishing to skip out on dairy, or just those wanting a unique yoghurt experience (great people!). We recommend topping your morning porridge with Nush, or just enjoying these yogs as a solo afternoon snack.

Stockists: Wholefoods

Healthy Food Products: For Protein

4. Billy Franks 

What: Billy Franks is a high protein, artisan jerky snack which is made from air-dried beef and turkey. The range includes Willy Wonka-esque cheeseburger, roast beef and mustard, traditional Texan BBQ, tangy teriyaki and fiery fajita, sweet sour and spicy, and the extra hot Christ on a bike (featuring the Ribman’s hot sauce)

Why: We think jerky is the snack everyone should be eating, but aren’t. Sometimes seen only as a snack for the gym going, body building crowd – this isn’t the case. The jerky is made from the finest grass-fed beef, and complimented with a range of spices. Billy Franks’ jerky is the perfect substantial savoury snack.

Stockists: Wholefoods, Selfridges and online

Healthy Food Products: For a Juice

5. Plenish


























What: Plenish has expanded its award-winning range of cold-pressed, nutrient-dense juices with the launch of ELEVATE, an organic and innovative new edition that harnesses the anti-inflammatory power of turmeric, ginger, almonds and black pepper.

Why: The combination of creamy coconut milk, hunger-satisfying cinnamon and plant protein makes this an especially satiating juice; the perfect way to hit the ground running at breakfast time, or as a mid-afternoon power up to ensure optimum performance all day long. And if you really want to be bold, warm this juice in a mug for a few seconds in the microwave. Proper warming on a cold, wintery day.

Stockists: Whole Foods and Ocado