All we want to do right now is hunker down with a blanket and eat our bodyweight in porridge. A bowl of porridge is so soothing, so comforting and an excellent and hearty way to start the day. If you’re in need of sprucing up your bowl of oats, help is at hand. Our pals over at Rude Health have put together three oat of this world porridge recipes. Spurtles at the ready:

Winter Warmers: Horchata Porridge


–  ½ cup Rude Health Daily Oats

–  1 cup Tiger Nut Drink (or ½ Tiger nut drink ½ water for less sweet porridge)

– ½ ripe mashed banana

– ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract/powder

– ¼ teaspoon cinnamon

Optional Toppings: 

– Desiccated coconut

– Blueberries

– Chopped walnuts


1. Combine oats, mashed banana, cinnamon, vanilla and Tiger Nut Drink in a pan

2. Simmer for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally until desired consistency

3. Pour porridge into a bowl and add toppings of choice

Winter Warmers: Autumn Morning Apples and Pears Porridge

Recipe by Timberyard’s Head Chef Darren Elliott for Rude Health’s Porridge Championship. 

Ingredients (makes 6 bowls): 

– 680g The Oatmeal

– 100ml Coconut Drink

– 100ml water

For the Compote:

– 6 apples

– 6 pears

– ⅓ cup coconut sugar

– 1 tsp ground mixed spice

– 1 tsp ground cinnamon

– Pinch of salt, to taste

– 1 tbsp almond butter

For the Topping:

– 3 cups toasted coconut flakes

– 3 tbsp sliced almonds

– A handful of pecan nuts

– A spoonful of coconut cream


1. Soak oats overnight in 50ml of water and 50ml coconut milk.

2. The following morning, gently heat the soaked oats in the leftover liquid, stirring continuously until cooked to your liking.

3. In a separate pan, sauté the apples and pears in almond butter, coconut sugar and the spices.

4. Top the porridge with the warm sautéed apple and pear mixture, as well as coconut flakes, sliced almonds, chopped pecans and a swirl of coconut cream.

Winter Warmers: Sour Cherry Sunrise

Recipe by Tasos Gaitanos at Brother Marcus for Rude Health’s Porridge Championship  


– 1 cup porridge oats

– ½ tsp cinnamon

– ½ tsp nutmeg

– 1 star anise

– 2 cups Rude Health Almond Drink

For the Topping:

– A handful of Greek sour cherries

– A handful of Candied almonds


1. Add the oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise and almond milk to pan. Stir continuously, under a low heat until cooked to your liking.

2. Top with Greek sour cherries and candied almonds.