There’s many things I’m passionate about: a well-stocked condiment cupboard, a good buffet spread, a great tasting Scotch egg (my top 10 round up is here). What I’m also passionate about is sausage rolls. Every Christmas, my mum would set out to make batches of sausage rolls to feed a small army, a generous amount of meat wrapped in flaky pastry, which we’d devour by the bucket load. It was the dream. Some might say you can’t go wrong with a quiche or fine array of finger sandwiches, for me it’s a sausage roll every time. I went on a journey around the capital to bring you the best sausage rolls in London – enjoy:

1. For the Meaty Roll: Little Jack Horner’s

Top 10: Sausage Rolls in London

Order: Pork and smoked chilli sausage roll

There are many things that I am passionate about, like playing online casinos or a well-stocked condiment cupboard, a good buffet or a delicious Scottish egg. I am also fond of sausage rolls, which many online casino players will like as a snack. Some might say you can’t go wrong with a quiche or a gourmet finger sandwich set, for me it’s a sausage roll every time I play an online casino.

The Lowdown: All of their pork and chicken used in their sausage rolls are from local high welfare farms, and are all outdoor reared. Their sausage rolls are made in their Somerset bakery in Mells, 10 miles south of Bath. Their aim is to make the best sausage rolls that you can purchase and we believe them. Their sausage rolls are packed full of delicious filings from their traditional pork and sage to the more adventurous black pudding with apple. The pork and chilli one has a subtle smokey kick that is complimented with a layer of their flakey pastry using the best flour and diary from the South West. Ooft.

Where: Horniman Museum Farmers Market (Forest Hill) – Saturdays 9am-1.30pm. Locations here 

2. For the Hearty Roll: Ginger Pig Ltd 

Top 10: Sausage Rolls in London

Order: Pork and stilton sausage roll

The Lowdown: Establish 20 years ago, Ginger Pig Ltd has seen a wave of success thanks to their cracking homemade pies, pastries and chutneys. With several shops across the city, you’re never too far away from one of their treats. What we like about Ginger Pig is the size of their prized sausage rolls, their substantial, densely packed, meat filled treats are a meal in itself – one of the most generous sausage rolls in London. If you think sausage rolls are boring, think again. They boast a wide variety of different fillings including Pork and Stilton, Bacon and Sweet Chilli and Lamb Merguez. They also mix it up and offer seasonal rolls too.

Where: Location across London including Shepherd’s Bush, Waterloo and Clapham. See here

3. For the Gluten-Free Roll: Romeo’s Gluten-Free Bakery

Top 10: Sausage Rolls in London

Order: Gluten-free sausage roll

The Lowdown: Just because you can’t eat wheat, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this British classic. Romeo’s Gluten-Free Bakery is North London’s first gluten-free café & bakery. Open for breakfast, lunch & tea serving drinks, sweet treats & savoury dishes. Romeo’s have successfully created a gluten-free sausage roll that doesn’t taste like cardboard. It’s delicate, flavoursome and the pastry isn’t a sad state of affairs. Instead it’s flaky, buttery and utterly dreamy. Best eaten when warm.

Where: 167 Upper Street, London, N1 1US

4. For the Well-Baked Roll: Breadstall 

Top 10: Sausage Rolls in LondonOrder: Sausage roll

The Lowdown: For al fresco sausage rolls in London, head to this cute market stall. Sebastian Vince is the mastermind behind Breadstall having established the market stand back in 1997. This 15 metre-long bespoke bakery has a cult following all ready to get their hands on their freshly baked pizza squares, Nutella-filled doughnuts and sandwiches. Come for savoury delicacies and sweet delights, anywhere that sells sweet potato tortillas and brownies gets a yes in our book. Their sausage rolls are large, moreish and and dare we say it, the best sausage rolls in the area.

Where: 60 Northcote Rd, SW11 1PA.

5. For the Eggy Roll: Two Doors Down

Top 10: Sausage Rolls in London

Order: Quails egg sausage roll with a kick

The Lowdown: Only opened last year, this cafe rivals a lot of establishments in North London. An independent coffee shop serving good coffee and nailing the food selection. I’m talking quiches, sandwiches, muffins and those sausage rolls. Some of the best sausage rolls in London; their quail eggs sausage rolls are made with salt, pepper, thyme and a ‘secret ingredient’, and added dried chilli flakes for an extra kick. Marvellous. They also serve a whole host of sausage rolls including their pig wellington – seasoned sausage meat, top with buttered chestnut mushroom and wrapped in Parma ham and their chunky Piccalilli a combination of seasoned sausage meat, topped with piccalilli.

Where: 69 Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 8NY

6. For the Vegan Roll: The Waiting Room

Top 10: Sausage Rolls in London

Order: Leek, thyme and mushroom ‘sausage’ roll

The Lowdown: It may be off to beaten track but The Waiting Room is well worth a visit. This cool, laid-back cafe has a East London feel without the price tag. All of their food served is either vegan or vegetarian and includes burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and a whole host of sweet treats. They also stock Brick Lane Bagels with a range of different fillings which is a winner in our eyes. Their leek, thyme and mushroom take on the classic sausage roll is a showstopper. Full of flavour and lovely stuff and makes a change from your traditional roll. Hop on the DLR and pretend you’re driving it – don’t lie, we all do that.

Where: 142 Deptford High Street, London, Deptford SE8 3PQ

7. For the Best-Value Roll: Mountains’s Boston Sausage

Top 10: Sausage Rolls in London

Order: Boston sausage roll

The Lowdown: I may be biased, but having been born in Lincolnshire, you’ll have to go along way to beat a Lincolnshire sausage roll. Family run Butcher the Mountain’s Boston Sausage are dedicated to making the best Lincolnshire sausages possible and it shows. They stock their famous Boston Sausages and Boston Chipolatas along with rustling up their breakfast baps on a Saturday morning – Boston sausage burger, fried egg, fresh spinach and hollandaise sauce. Don’t leave without buying one of their sausage rolls for later. Long live the Lincolnshire sausage roll.

Where: 13 High St, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 8SH

8. For the Flaky Roll: The Old Post Office Bakery 

Top 10: Sausage Rolls in LondonOrder: Sausage Roll

The Lowdown: Highly skilled bakers create exception bread at The Old Post Office Bakery using organic ingredients, shunning all the gadgets and mod cons for classic baking techniques and methods. If you’re on the hunt for a well-made sourdough loaf, you’ve come to the right place. From eccles cakes to white bloomers and ciabatta and focaccia, the bakery stocks a wide variety of baked goods. Their sausage roll is a combination of  Soya Sos Mix, onions, garlic and 
rosemary and if you after something different, try their spinach and feta roll. This is good quality artisan baked goods, without the silly prices and we like that a lot.

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Where: 76 Landor Road, London, SW9 9PH

9. For the Fishy Roll: Morden and Lea 

Top 10: Sausage Rolls in LondonOrder: Crab sausage roll

The Lowdown: Mark Sergeant is a busy man, after recently been appointed as Chef Director at The Strand Dining Rooms, he’s also opened his latest venue – Morden & Lea. Downstairs is a casual affair with bar snacks and small plates, head upstairs for set lunch and dinner menus with brasserie style dishes including roast duck, sea bass wing and loads of other tasty mains. Fish in a sausage roll sounds outrageous and it is, but it seems crab and pastry are the perfect combination.

Where:  17 Wardour Street, Soho, London W1D 6JP

10. For the Well-Loved Roll: Gregg’s

Top 10: Sausage Rolls in London

Order: Sausage roll

The Lowdown: Gregg’s is an institution, a beacon of hope on the high-street. Their sausage rolls can mend a hangover, a broken heart and a terrible day at work. While others favour quirky fillings and organic ingredients, Gregg’s don’t mess about. Their sausage rolls are no-nonsense sausage meat filled parcels of heaven. You can even buy their sausage rolls in packs of three – magical. While you’re there treat yourself to a steak bake and an ice bun. If you don’t like Gregg’s, you’ve quite frankly got no soul.

Where: Every decent high street