Vegan condiments have come a long way over the last few years. Now, you can get your hands on everything from plant-based Caesar dressings to a variety of flavoured mayo. If you’re looking to up your vegan game, we’ve got you covered:

Condiments: Mayonnaise

1. For Garlic Mayo: Rubies in the Rubble 

The Lowdown: Rubies in the Rubble’s mission is to make sure that no good food goes to waste, which is why they work with hummus manufacturers to collect their typically discarded aquafaba – the protein-rich water leftover from cooking chickpeas for their new plant-based garlic mayo. By using aquafaba as an ingredient, rather than relying on egg production, this garlic mayo offsets 762G CO2e in every jar.

Best Served With: Literally everything.

Price: £2.99

Where: Ocado, Amazon and Online 

2. For Fancy Mayo: TruffleHunter 

The Lowdown: TruffleHunter’s Vegan Truffle Mayonnaise is made using cold-pressed rapeseed oil to produce a luxuriously smooth and creamy mayo, which is then expertly infused with the highest quality black truffles (Tuber Aestivum). A perfect plant-based alternative to TruffleHunter’s Black Truffle Mayonnaise, but with the same award-winning taste.

Best Served With: Sweet potato fries.

Price: £9.95

Where: Buy Online 

3. For a Bacon Mayo: The Vurger Co 

The Lowdown: Now this is what we call a cupboard essential. The Vurger Co’s Smokey Bacon Mayo is silky smooth and takes any meal to the next level. Whether you fancy dunking fries in it, slathering it on a burger or spreading it in a sub roll – it’s your new sauce staple. 100% vegan, gluten-free and nut-free (made in a peanut-free environment).

Best Served With: Any carb and plant-based meat.

Price: £3.89

Where: Whole Foods Market and Online 

4. For a Classic Mayo: Dr Will’s

The Lowdown: After the perfect egg-free mayo? Dr Will’s has cracked it. All of their mayonnaise recipes are sugar-free and packed full of quality ingredients, carefully chosen by the team for the best possible taste. Their classic mayo is versatile and tasty AF

Best Served With: Chips or add a dollop to your favourite recipe.

Price: £3.39

Where: Ocado, Amazon Fresh and Asda

Condiments: Spreads

5. For a Hazlenut Spread: Fabalous 

The Lowdown: Fabalous’ Organic Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread features a delicious combination of organic hazelnuts, cocoa and chickpeas, and it’s the first Hazelnut-Choc spread to use chickpeas as the primary ingredient (32%), with each jar containing on average 128 dried chickpeas and 8 shelled hazelnuts. The premium spread has an indulgent, intense chocolatey flavour from its higher cocoa content, a smooth and silky texture, and the unique draw of protein and fibre-rich chickpeas and reduced sugar.

Best Served With: On toast with banana.

Price: £4.99

Where: Amazon

6. For a New Spread: Violife 

The Lowdown: Violife’s new Cocospread is a gloriously sweet, creamy, smooth and fresh spread that is 100% vegan. With the same great indulgent taste desired from a sweet spread, Cocospread has just a quarter of the sugar and half the fat. Take it from us, it’s a morning saviour.

Best Served With: Breakfast items – pancakes, waffles, toast.. straight from the tub.

Price: £2.40

Where: Asda and Whole Foods Market

Condiments: Cooking Sauces and Dressings

7. For Pesto: Sacla

The Lowdown: Sacla’s Vegan Chilli Pesto recipe cleverly swaps cheese with tofu, making it the ideal choice for plant-based and dairy-free foodies. Take note, this isn’t for the faint-hearted – there are heaps of heat in every forkful. Made with chillies, juicy ripe tomatoes and sweet red peppers blended with creamy tofu, it’s fragrant and 

Best Served With: Stir through your favourite pasta sauce or whack it over stuffed peppers.

Price: £2.50

Where: Sainsbury’s and Waitrose

8. For Cold Pressed Sauces: Tanya’s Just Real 

The Lowdown: Tanya’s Just Real is the only cold pressed fresh cooking sauce on the market, packed with natural ingredients and full of flavour in one perfectly formed recyclable bottle.  Give the Smokey Cokey a whirl for a paprika/tomato explosion – a taste sensation when paired with vegan butties.

Best Served With: As a marinade for tofu.

Price: £3

Where: Waitrose and online 

9. For Curry Sauces: Swaadish

The Lowdown: Each jar in the Swaadish range comes packed with flavour and colour, designed for fast-to-cook curries at home (literally: add vegetables or tofu; stir for a few mins, and serve).  They’re excellent for vegans, are gluten-free, contain zero nasties, and are a great way to use up meat or vegetable leftovers.  And they’re also made in small batches to ensure quality throughout.

Best Served With: Any plant-based protein.

Price: £3.95

Where: Buy online 

10. For a Salad Dressing: Bonsan

The Lowdown: Bonsan believe that organic, vegan food can and should be exciting, nourishing, full of flavour, and fun. They make their organic, plant-based meat substitutes with either conventional tofu or kombucha-fermented tofu, which gives the food amazing nutritional benefits. Their vegan Caesar Dressing is creamy, thick and everything a Caesar dressing should be, but with none of the dairy or eggs.

Best Served With: Hearty salads, veggies and hot and cold dishes.

Price: £3.39

Where: Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, and Abel and Cole