Every now and again, something special falls into the (poultry) periphery that grabs our attention and stops us in our tracks. And this couldn’t have been more true than with the recent opening of Orange Buffalo’s new home at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

Orange Buffalo at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen: The Run-Down

Orange Buffalo is already one of the Weekly Wang’s favourite wing spots in London. Nevertheless, its current spot – a food truck outside of The Old Truman Brewery – is less than ideal at this time of year (especially with the winter we seem to be in for at the moment).

So when we heard we no longer had to brave the bitter winter chill to enjoy an Orange Buffalo wing, we were straight on our bikes/the tube/the bus/any form of transport with wheels, to get to its new location.

Orange Buffalo at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen: The Wings

Based in Shoreditch, the spot is as ‘trendy’ as the surrounding area. With a huge bar, an abundance of tables, neon lighting and booming music, it has a fun vibe that puts you in the mood for some wings.

Atmosphere aside, what this new spot does well is take Orange Buffalo’s old menu to the next level by offering even more wing options like the K-Town – a savoury, spicy and slightly sweet blend of Gochujang paste, soy, honey and sesame seeds. And not forgetting the enticing sides like the sweet potato criss-cross fries and deep-fried pickles.

Yet despite openly defying Chef Gordon Ramsey and broadening their menu options, Orange Buffalo’s wings are still on point. These guys and gals really care about their wings, and this passion is evident in every option they deliver. Each is as banging as the next. If you want hot, you get hot (note: the venom is seriously hot – cry, sweat and become a visible mess hot). If you want a simple buffalo, you get a simple buffalo, made with their homemade sauce no less.  Whatever you choose, they never fail to hit the spot.

Orange Buffalo at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen: The Verdict

This is a DWS (dedicated wing spot) you definitely need to visit. On a side note, I loved the addition of an ‘anti venom’ (in the form on mini milks) to the menu. It’s a great concept that simultaneously brings back childhood memories and your senses, after a couple of really hot wings.

Nick Horowitz

Nick Horowitz is Poultry Editor at About Time, and Co-Founder of the über cool creative agency, The Clerkenwell Brothers. Follow Nick on Instagram for wing-related news: @theweeklywang.